9 Differences Between Freshman and Senior Year of College

We all started off college the same way for the most part. Most of us went from our respective high schools, to a university that fit what we wanted to achieve both academically and socially. Something happens over those four years in college though. For many of us we go through the first “real” experience of change. The changes we go through in college are all part of growing up and here are nine examples of changes we grow through in college between our freshman and senior years.

1.Freshman: you make friends with a ton of people and are willing to do pretty much anything.Pic 1









Senior: you have a set group of friends that you continually hangout with doing the same stuff.Pic 2













2. Freshman: worried about where you’re going to party on Friday night.

Pic 3









Senior: worried about having to leave college are start paying off student loan debt.

Pic 4








3. Freshman: running to class to avoid being late.Pic 5










Senior: already 10 minutes late and you still don’t care.Pic 6








4. Freshman: eating like royalty on your meal plan.Pic 7







Senior: trying to convince yourself food is overrated because you can’t afford it.

Pic 8













5. Freshman: getting to the football game two hours early to sit in the front row.

Pic 9








Senior: tailgating for as long as possible and missing most of the game.

Pic 10









6. Freshman: buying textbooks from the bookstore, paying full price because your teachers say you need the book by week two of class.

Pic 11









Senior: waiting as long as possible to get the book and even then shopping online for a book that’s three editions prior.

Pic 12








7. Freshman: note takingPic 13









Senior: note taking

Pic 14







8. Freshman: school suppliesPic 15








Senior: school suppliesPic 16








9. Freshman: forgetting to studyPic 17







Senior: forgetting to studyPic 18







With all the things that are different between your freshman and senior year of college, there is one constant that always remains…

  1. Freshman and Senior’s: what does the future have in store?Pic 19







*This article was written by Lee Mueller, and as such is the expressed written opinion of himself only. Lee is a student at the University of Montana in Missoula, MT. Article written 9/20/2015.*

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