Does Business effect your Love Life?

As Business Majors, we hold the world to a higher standard. Do these standards carry over to our love lives? Find out! Think back to your last encounter with an attractive potential, and see if you have been caught asking yourself these questions. Presenting…

Things Business Majors Would Love to Say, but Should Probably Keep to Themselves as it relates to Love…..

1. Why does he dress so poorly?


2. Why does she think that career path will be successful?

3. Why is he not interning right now?




4. Why is she working on a Friday afternoon?

5. Did he even practice his “elevator pitch?”

6. Why is she doing that so inefficiently?

7. Does he even have a rough five year plan?

8. Wait, did she say she doesn’t like Mad Men?

If you have ever had the desire to ask any of these questions, then Business has definitely effected your love life… it’s ok, we understand.

SOULTION: Let’s face it, our only hope is to date other Business Majors.

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