12 Types Of Unbelievable, But Typical Drivers.

No matter where you’re driving, we have all seen drivers like these at one point in time. From the professional dare devils to the cautiously paranoid drivers… We have encountered at least one of these drivers at some point in our driving careers.


1. Professional Dare Devils

professional drifter

Whether their maneuvers are for pure thrill or just by chance,

professional dare devils always manage to keep their cars on the road.

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2. The Guy That’s Always Runnin’ Late

late for work

We’ve seen them before.

The guy that’s racing past at astronomical speeds to get to work on time.

He’s always running late to be on time. (:

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3. Teenage Drivers Rockin’ Out

teen driver with music

Yep, it’s the typical teenage driver.

Their cars are packed to the brim with their friends,

and they’re always rockin’ out to their favorite tunes.

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4. Road Rage Drivers

road rage

It doesn’t matter if traffic is moving or at a dead stop,

we’ve all been flipped off by the typical road rage drivers.

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5. Drivers That Really Can’t Park

parking school

Parking. It shouldn’t be so complicated for people to achieve.

But apparently, it’s more difficult for some people to park than to drive on highways.

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6. Drunk Drivers

drunk driver

Yep, their really uncool and totally reckless.

So watch-out! You might have to dodge one of these losers one night!

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7. Teens Learning To Drive With Their Parents

Dunphy Driving

Either we have experienced this same scenario with our parents,

witnessed it on the road. Learning to drive can be so stressful!

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 8. Slow-Poke Drivers

slow driver

They drive a whooping 23 mph in a 45 mph zone.

And when you finally get a chance to pass them,

they look at you like your completely insane!

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9. The Confused Driver


They refuse to let you pass them and they can’t decide which lane they should be in.

Their one of the most annoying types of drivers on the road,

and they could cause anyone to have some road rage.

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10. The Buddy That Offers You A Ride Home

reaction to driving

Your car is in the shop, so a buddy offers you a ride home.

You’ve never rode with him before, but its a free ride home!

How bad could it possibly be?

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11. The Multitasking Driver


They talk on the phone, text, put on makeup, read books and much more.

They can do just about anything while driving.

The multitasking driver may not be the safest driver on the road, so watch out!

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12. The Cautiously Paranoid Driver

cautious driver

These drivers won’t drive over 55 mph.

Their extremely cautious and overly paranoid.

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  1. I guess I’m #10. Some drivers make me nervous. However, “I’m an excellent driver….” (Dustin Hoffman/Rain Man)

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