Unbelievably The Event -Two


The Event-Two will be held at The Crystal Theatre, 7:00pm on Monday, May 4th.


The Event-Two is another unbelievable chance to see University of Montana students give five-minute talks over a wide variety of topics. Including:  Humans of the Gym, Living With a Type B When you are a Type A, Pummel Procrastination and Become an Overachiever in Just Two Minutes, How to Make the Perfect Margarita, Pinterest Perpetuating Stereotypes and Body Perception and Health by the Number. The structure of each talk will be similar to the popular Ignite format, with each presentation being exactly five-minutes long and consisting of 15 automatically advancing slides. You are going to love it.

The Event-Two is at The Crystal Theatre, located on the Hip Strip in Downtown Missoula and will begin promptly at 7:00 PM. We recommend a $5 donation per ticket, as all proceeds will benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital through Up ‘til Dawn, a student organization on the UM campus.


Jenni Graff

JENNI GRAFF (10 of 14) (2)Pummel Procrastination and Become an Overachiever in Just Two Minutes

In this five minute talk, I will discuss how using this rule over the last two weeks has changed my daily routine and positively affected my accomplishments. I will explain how easy it is to embrace this rule to become more productive and effective in daily life.


 Cassandra Flynn

CassandraLiving With a Type B Personality When you are a Type A Personality

Living with new people can be hard for anyone, especially if you have a Type A personality and your roommate has a Type B personality.This is currently my living situation so take note of “a day in the life of roommates with opposite personalities.” Our daily activities may be very different but it makes for one interesting living situation.

Zachary Clinch

ZacharyWashington Grizzly Stadium: One of the Hardest College Football Stadiums to Play in

My presentation will show how Washington Grizzly Stadium is one of the hardest college football stadiums to play in by using stats from past seasons and comparing it to that of other college football stadiums.

Willa Ariail

willaPinterest Perpetuating Stereotypes

 The concerns of Pinterest promoting a hegemonic lifestyle and further perpetuating stereotypes of how women should act and behave in order to be valued by society.

Kate Wilkins

Kate WilkinsHow To Make The Perfect Margarita

Looking for a way to impress your friends on Cinco de Mayo? Need to practice your bartending skills? This presentation will rock yours and your friends’ sombreros off! Follow these steps to create the most mouthwatering margarita, even for your friends that are “allergic” to tequila.

Trevor Rehm

trevor Body Perception and Health by the Number

This speech will briefly cover the evolution of Americas body image culture and how it has established what  healthy should look like in the United States. Expanding on this the speaker will look to take a quantitative route of determining what healthy should be as opposed to visual standards.


Austin Walker

AustinEntrepreneurship is not Always About Changing the Wheel

Entrepreneurship is understood to always be innovative or new.  In my speech, I would like to talk about how entrepreneurship isn’t always about changing the wheel.  Instead, most of the time, it’s about just maybe changing the tread.  I will be covering successful companies that are well-known or local that haven’t revolutionized their industry, just have offered something a little better.

Bethany Grubb

BethanyLivefit – A Workout Program for all Girls

I’m talking about a 12 wk workout program I would recommend for all girls. It is called livefit, and is put on by Jamie Eason. I’m going to talk about why it is a good program and how it is set up.


Steve Clough

steveData Analytics in Action: Analyzing NBA playoffs using Twitter

I am going to talk about how I used Twitter to analyze an NBA playoff series and what the implications it might have on marketing/business intelligence. Also, I will talk about the challenges of using twitter data to draw conclusions & correlations.


Hank Vieten

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Growth of Youth Lacrosse in Montana

My presentation will be focusing on the growth of youth lacrosse in the state of Montana over the past few years. Lacrosse is a relatively new sport to the state of Montana in general, but more so in terms of the youth and high school leagues. I will be focusing on the key factors that have helped grow the game as well as the opportunities that may come in the future.


Ashley Enyeart

AshleyThings to Consider While Apartment Hunting

Tips for apartment hunting as told by a leasing consultant from Mullan Reserve Apartments here in Missoula MT. Different things that you might not consider or forget to ask while touring different apartment complexes.

Ryan Dekmar

RyanHow Much is Happiness?

A talk about the research that supports the income levels that are associated with those that are considered to be the happiest. Different income levels come with different stress levels, social life limits and lifestyles, but where does happiness associate with those income levels?

Katherine Sears

KatherinePessimism: the Cure to America’s Optimist Cult

Around the world today, and especially in the US, people think that having positive thoughts and emotions all the time is the only way to reach true happiness. Self-help books, inspirational speakers and quotes, and the media in general portray incessant optimism as the one and only road to happiness. However, researchers are discovering that not only is this impossible, it’s counterproductive. The solution? Being pessimistic.


Josh Hojem

Josh HojemHumans Of The Gym

The Gym is full of interesting people from differing backgrounds, yet each person shares the common common goal of aspiring to improve themselves. Why not embrace this concept? Together we can create a community of incredible people who share the common goal of improving themselves, inspiring others, and making the gym a more positive and personable place for everyone.