The event will be held at The Crystal theatre at 6:30pm on Wednesday, December 14th.

 Unbelievab.ly | The Event will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hear University of Montana students speak about things like reloading a gun, the strong ties between communication and music, Netflix addictions, the five love languages, and more. The structure of each talk will be similar to the popular Ignite format, with each presentation being exactly five-minutes long and consisting of 15 automatically advancing slides. You are going to love it. 

The event is at The Crystal, located on the Hip Strip in Downtown Missoula and will begin promptly at 6:30 PM. We recommend a $5 donation per ticket, as all proceeds will benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital through Up ‘til Dawn, a student organization on the UM campus.

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Questions? Email unbelievably.umt@gmail.com. 


Speakers and Topics

Megan Johnson

Megan Johnson – “Oil Field Trash vs. Oil Field Class”

This talk will be about the men and women of the Bakken, and the paths they decide to take. We  will also discuss the stereotypes and struggles that arise when living in the Bakken. Hopefully it will make you question your own daily choices.




James Bird

James Bird – “Ductus Exemplo, Military Influence in the Business World”

Military conflicts and competition in the marketplace have more in common than many choose to believe. Through the analysis of past military conflicts and the prolific leaders who lead men into battle, parallels will be drawn to the business world. Once the parallels have been identified, they will be distilled into lessons that can be transferred into successfully running a business.






Heather Kresbach

Heather Krebsbach – “10 Signs You’re Addicted to Netflix”

If you consider the characters in your favorite television show to be your best friends—you might be addicted to Netflix. This talk will help you identify the symptoms of being a Netflix addict and provide helpful tips on how to over come your addiction.



William Milligan

William Milligan – “Anxiety, the Battle of Self”

For those without anxiety, it can be very difficult to understand what the big deal is. Just stop thinking about it, right? This talk will give a taste of what it is to live with anxiety and why it isn’t that simple.




Mallory Davis

Mallory Davis – “Rational v. Irrational Fear”

A discussion about the differences between rational fears and irrational fears. Why it is often easier to get over the rational fears rather than the irrational fears? How you can recognize the rational fears from the irrational fears





Meghan Keeley

Meghan Keeley – “How to Win as a Woman in Business”

A discussion covering 3-5 of the most influential pieces of advice from successful businesswomen.






Michalis Karatzas – “Congratulations! You Failed!”

How many times in our life we failed to carry out an activity or project in which we put effort and hustle. On the contrary, is it bad or beneficial for us to fail and why?




Sierra BateySierra Batey – “5 Love Languages and the Business Environment”

Having an understanding of love languages helps an individual become more observant and increase their emotional intelligence. As relationship-oriented management becomes more important, Sierra will highlight how understanding love languages could  help create a more effective and successful work place.



Trenton StarkeyTrenton Starkey – “BoonStuckin?? School really did teach me something!”

Trenton will discuss the application of an MIS major with a Digital Marketing certificate and how he used the elements of a business he co-founded and what he was learning in school to create this business.



Tyler AdairTyler Adair – “The Power of Music and Communication”

Tyler will touch on certain aspects of music and show overlap with the fundamentals of communication to provide a more insightful listening experience. She will provide the audience with her own take-aways to hopefully add value to how they view music!



Kori ChristiansonKori Christianson – “The History of Microbreweries in Montana”

Montana has a strong brewing tradition. Right now it has the third largest number of microbreweries per capita in the U.S. Kori’s talk will center around the tradition, history and current atmosphere of brewing in Montana.



Troy McIneryTroy McInerney – “Barley Born and Wheat Raised”

There’s truly nothing like the small-town life. It’s quiet and peaceful, and adventurous and wild all at the same time. Troy believe it offers a unique perspective on life that is rare today, and that’s why he is going to share some of his experiences growing up in this town with you today.



Bailey HarperBailey Harper – “Hometown Pride”

Bailey will discuss the stereotypes associated with growing up in Butte, Montana. There are many fallacies and outrageous rumors, which will be addressed in a humorous manner. The primary focus of her talk will be the importance of hometown pride.



Ryan WatsonRyan Watson – “The Rise of Olympic Taekwondo”

The story of what makes Taekwondo so popular in the world and examining the amazing feats of the worlds top athletes.



Miles GrangerMiles Granger – “Human Mind and Focus”

Miles will talk about the human mind and the concept of focus. Discussing how our mind is made up of top and bottom brain functions and how that relates to our interactions with our surroundings.



Melissa HansonMelissa Hanson – “Regulatory Issues Arising from 3D Printing”






Andrew Bell – “Reloading – The hobby everyone wants to do without realizing it”

Reloading is, at it’s core, building extremely precise shaped explosives for the purpose of propelling projectiles along an exact trajectory to hit a target downrange, in other words, it’s explosive building for the layman at home.