Five Fun Activities To Do This Fall Around Missoula


img-61181Fall is by far my most anticipated season of the year. The weather is just starting to cool off. The trees start decorating the ground and scenery with their explosive color of leaves. Not to mention the fall scented candles that leave your house smelling like a fresh baked pie all day. Lets be honest, there’s a lot to love about fall and call me basic, but it’s my favorite season.

The 1st of October officially marks the first day of fall in my book. It’s the day where my fall decorations make their annual reappearance and I say “au revoir” to all my summer clothes. It is also the day that I start strategically planning all the things I want to do like going to the pumpkin patch and or getting lost in corn mazes. This year, as I was looking into different activities to do this fall, I came across some really awesome events going on in and around Missoula that I thought I would share with you all! These would be great activities to do with the family, a group of friends, or just a special date night.

So, without further ado, here are five fun activities to do this fall in and around Missoula:

  1. Going Apple Picking!
    Apple Orchard
    This is a great activity to do with the whole family or a group of friends during the fall. It’s something that I’ve always wanted to do and luckily for us Missoulian’s, Getman’s Orchard & Vineyard has group apple picking openings! Getman’s is located two hours north in Bigfork, MT and they are currently at the height of their apple season which typically ends around October 31st. They offer group reservations and only allow only one group in the orchards at once so you don’t have to fight with other groups and can spend quality time with your friends and family. Make sure you call ahead and make a reservation before going! They are filling up fast.
  2. Roll your sleeves up: “Hands on” Autumn Pies
    Every year the Good Food Store offers some really amazing cooking classes and this year is no exception. On October 23rd, they will be offering a class where the Bakery Manager, Scott Hevener, will teach everyone how to create the perfect fall pie. Each person will get the chance to make their own Apple & Cranberry Pie to take home with them (yum)!
    This is a perfect opportunity to fine tune your pie making skills just in time for Thanksgiving. Cost is $35 per person and starts at 6:30 PM.
  3. Missoula Maze
    I am sure most of you by now know about the Missoula Maze but I still wanted to add it as there is always fun times to be had here. This year, the Missoula Maze is going to have their biggest corn maze to date! (Which also means I’m going to be lost for the longest time to date.) They also offer a variety of other activities for younger kids including an obstacle course, treasure hunt and a petting zoo! My personal favorite is going at night and attempting to tackle the maze with no flashlights and no clues. Some years go great, other years not so much but it’s sure to be a fun time.
    Prices start at $5 for children (4-12) and go up to $8 for adults (13-65). The Missoula Maze is open until the end of October but be sure to check their website as their hours change!
  4. Hocus Pocus at the Roxy Theater
    If you were a 90s kid you would know how bomb this movie was (and still is) when it came out. Luckily for those Hocus Pocus fanatics out there, like myself, the Roxy Theater is playing this movie on October 23rd at 2:30 PM AND you get to watch it with movie theater popcorn – what more could we ask for? Tickets for the Roxy Theater are $8 for regular admission but bring your student ID card and you’ll get a dollar off. So mark it in your calendar folks, it’s a must watch fall movie.
  5. Field of Screams
    Last but certainly not least is the Field of Screams which I consider a staple during this time of the year. If you’re one of those adrenaline junkies, I highly recommend taking the quick drive to Victor, MT to experience the scariest Halloween attraction that Western Montana has to offer. This attraction is recommend for teens and adults as it truly is terrifying. They also offer children themed events during the day time if you’re looking for a fun place to bring the kids during daylight hours. The Field of Screams is open Wednesday 7:30-9 PM as well as Friday and Saturday 7:30-10 PM until October 31st. Price is $15 a person. If you’re looking for a good place to be scared this year, look no further.

So there you have it! I hope you enjoyed my recommendations and maybe found something new to bring the friends or family to this year. Happy Fall!

By: Lauryn Wate – Univeristy of Montana student studying Business Marketing


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