Five Original Halloween Costumes For Your Dogs

Keilan Sayer

Everyone loves dressing up for Halloween, so why leave your furry friends out of the fun? Here are the best halloween costumes for your dogs to make them look stylish and scary!

  1. Beluga Whale – because this costume is WHALE-y original.

2. A Skeleton – If you have a black dog, this one is super easy. A little white paint and you’ve got yourself a costume.

3. A Martini – If you’ve got a sick pup at home with a cone, make good use of it and SHAKE it up (not stirred).

4. A Mop- if you have a fuzzy long-haired friend, all you need is a mop bucket and you’re set!

5. A Minion – This one is just because its super cute

There ya have it! Whatever your choice, get creative with your Halloween costumes this year – yourself and your pup!