Going somewhere? 12 Things Cats Do on Spring Break!

Are you going somewhere for spring break? Mom and dad’s? Or maybe somewhere more exciting, like New York City? You might even have a whole week of rip-roaring debauchery planned in good ol’ Sin City. But have you thought about Cuddles and Mr. Belvedere will be up to in your absence? “Sleeping, of course,” you might think. It turns out that they had some plans of their own. Here are twelve things your cats do when you are out of town. Because thirteen would obviously be evil. Hello!

1. A quiet evening with the tele.


2. Fulfilling my dream of driving Nascar. Shut up. I’m a cat. It’s all Nascar to me.

kittynascar copy

3. Vacuum up some of that people hair.

kittyhousework copy

4. Take some ME time.


5. Ladies night with my Home Girls!


6. Finally, get some laundry done without getting hair in it!


7. Go see Miller Creek at the Badlander.


8. Get some groceries I want for a change. Not that kibble you feed me.


9. Get those pesky taxes done! Cats are dependents, right?


10. Commune with nature and test out my new fly rod.


11. Hit the slopes !


12. Get some R&R, yo.