Growing Up as an Identical Twin

By: Kaitlyn Graf

*For confidentiality, the names used are made up

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a twin? More specifically, someone you look exactly like, act like, and share the exact same thoughts and interests with? Let me tell you, it’s slightly crazy. I truly believe twins connect on a different level. Although I have a twin sister, we don’t look similar enough to pull off what my dad and his twin brother would do growing up. If you want to hear some amusing stories, I advise you to keep reading. If not, go ahead and stop here.

In sixth grade it may have been cool to show up in your pink sparkle Adidas and butterfly jeans the same day your best friend was wearing them. In Kane and Kaden’s case, they weren’t pleased with this idea. Similar and likeminded, they would often come out of their rooms in the morning before school wearing the exact same outfit. In my dads’ words, “We would get into a full-on argument and if I changed last time then Kaden would have to this time. At times it got pretty ugly and led to fist fights. My mom would have to separate us.”

In school, Kane liked one subject better and Kaden liked another. You probably already know where I am going with this. They would switch classes and supposedly never once got caught. Although, it was a close call sometimes. Their friends would laugh when the teacher called on ‘Kaden’ to respond to a question, but Kane would forget that he ‘was’ Kaden.

Like the class situation, Kaden and Kane would answer the phone and pretend to be the other. To their twin advantage, even their voices sounded the same. When the other one’s girlfriend would call, they would stay on the line and pretend to be the one the girl was asking for. You could imagine what problems this would cause.

Did your parents ever buy you something because your sibling wanted it? Well, try every time one asked for something the other automatically always got it too. There was double everything in their house. Individuality was a tough act. I even experienced this at Christmas this year. My sister asked for slippers, but not once did I ever, yet I unwrapped a pair from my grandma saying, “I know Kay wanted some for Christmas so I got some for you too.” (If you’re reading this Gram, you know I love ya for this)

When I talk about their individuality, they even were called a mutual name. Even their friends had a hard time telling them apart. This was how the name ‘Graffer’ came about. Although, today if you asked my dad or uncle, they would say they were known as the “wonder twins.” (eye roll)

To this day, they still play on the same softball team, enjoy the same hobbies- collecting and fixing up cars, riding dirt bikes, and spending the majority of their summer days at the lake. I’m pretty sure they talk on the phone almost every day. I know, how cute right? Twins truly share a special bond. My twin sister and I will read each other’s mind and often say the exact same thing out loud. What’s most interesting about this is the idea that physical and behavioral traits can be closely replicated in two humans. This runs counter to our expectation that no other person in the world could be like us. Wow, like I said before… crazy.

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  1. Loved this! Great job Kaitlyn! I laughed when I read the part about Grandma getting the twins the same stuff even though they hadn’t asked for them!! Fun to read this!❤️

  2. Love this Kaitlyn! Never knew all this was going on! I still have to see your dad and uncle side by side to get them straight.

  3. Nicely written. Very enjoyable read. My mom is a twin and we have 2 sets of twin girls in the family.

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