Halloween Fun Facts!


Halloween…. Irish Holiday?

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That’s right Halloween is directly rooted from Ireland. About 2000 years in the past, the Celtics who lived in modern day Ireland, United Kingdom, and Northern France are the responsible for this holiday. For the Celtics, November 1st represented the end of harvest, meaning that cold weather was on its way. The Celtics looked at this time of year as a direct metaphor for life and death. Warm weather being the living and cold weather the dead. On October 31, the Celtics would participate in the Samhain. It was believed that during the Samhain spirits of the dead would return to the earth. Obama….we miss ya already! 


Silly String on Halloween Could Cost You $1,000 Dollars

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This bizarre and incredibly harsh law was passed in L.A. in 2004. Known simply as the Silly String Law, this city ordinance prohibits the possession, use, sale or distribution of a product commonly known as in the Hollywood district during October 31st. The reasoning behind this law is the fact that every year Silly String canisters are littered throughout the Hollywood district during the holiday festivities. The string material itself can also clog storm drains, potentially causing flooding in the case of  severe rain. Great to see where L.A.’s tax money is going!

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William Shatner Was Michael Myers?

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The 1978 horror film (Halloween), starring Jamie Lee Curtis, was a block buster hit. Because of financial issues, the film was dependent on an incredibly tight budget, forcing the special effects team to get creative. As it turns out, Michael Myers notorious costume is actually a William Shatner mask painted white. By simply painting the rubber mask white, Hollywood was introduced to classic horror antagonist. This was a well kept secret from the public including Shatner for years. After discovering the truth, Shatner explains that he was honored to be on the set of Halloween, without actually being physically there. Beam me up scotty! 


Vanilla Ice Was Born on Halloween

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That’s right Robert Matthew Van Winkle, AKA Vanilla Ice was born October 31, 1967. It’s almost as if this douche came out of the womb already rocking a pretty ridiculous Halloween costume. It’s safe to say his eccentric stage name and performance correlates to his birthday perfectly. Just look at that douche go! 


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The Term Bonfire Originates From Halloween

During the celebration of Samhain, the Celtics would have large public fires. The fires were believed to be insurance that the sun would return next harvest. During the Samhain, it was custom for Druid priests to throw the bones of cattle into the flames. As a result the fires were coined “Bone Fire”, then later “Bonfire.” I’m not quite sure what this guy threw on his bonfire.


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University of Montana’s Annual Pumpkin Prank

Pumpkin on Main Hall: Behind 15 years of tradition

Every year right around Halloween, the University of Montana’s main hall gets impaled with a pumpkin. This dangerous prank has been going on for many years, leaving the community wondering who the brave pranksters are. It’s always something to keep an eye out for this time of year. That guy is high…..even for Missoula Standards!