#HashtagLovers – An Instagram Love Song By Lia Barth

TBH – dating in today’s world is super weird and the struggle is so real.

Like, obviously even if I only know your first name – I am going to stalk you on every social media platform known to mankind. Yes, I have reviewed your Linkedin, scanned your entire Instagram, I know what your ex-girlfriend looks like, and probably the rest of your family, too. I’d be lying and/or lazy if I didn’t do my thorough research on any potential suitor.  (The worst is when you accidentally double tap that picture from 42 weeks ago, oof.)

I’m awkward enough in the real world and I already struggle with interpreting traditional signs of attraction and flirtation. So, how the hell am I supposed to know how to navigate dating in a digital world?

Social Media and it’s effect on our love lives brings up some serious questions. For example:

  • am I ever going to be someone’s #WomanCrushWednesday?
  • do I or does this person actually look like this in real life?
  • am I going to get Carpal Tunnel from all this instagraming?
  • do I look better with the Hudson filter or the Lo-Fi filter?

Go ahead and laugh at my silly song, but I bet you’ve been in my shoes. Its okay, you can admit it. Judgement Free Zone here. You have probably online stalked the shit out of someone. Don’t listen to the haters, I think it shows commitment. I’ll even go the extra mile and call it romantic.

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#HashtagLovers – An Instagram Love Song By Lia Barth