Here is Why You Can’t Win Arguments

Ever notice how your internet arguments never go anywhere? It seems to be a futile use of energy and should be avoided. If anyone is passionate enough to go out of their way to take on an argument, there is nothing you can say to change their mind. People will literally die for the principles they have built in their minds regardless of logic or cold hard evidence. The only way someone would consider taking your side is if they had an emotional life altering experience in favor of your argument. A mere exchange of words will never be sufficient.  Those kinds of arguments usually end with:

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…or name calling.

For example, can most of us agree that the world is round? Yet despite the overwhelming evidence, there are thousands of people who believe the Earth is flat.

Living in a first world country, we have the luxury of a roof over our heads and even the poorest can have multiple meals a day. This luxury has driven us to seek a higher purpose than simple survival. Survival has lost its flavor and people crave more complicated ways to satiate their purpose. Humans are addicted to a higher purpose to the point where they surround themselves with like-minded people/information to reinforce what they believe. This hope fuels our mental engines to a point where our health depends on it. This creates an echo chamber that only allows their narrative to be repeated into eternity.

Even if you persuaded someone who is on the fence about a topic, they might not care enough to back you up when called upon. Now there is certainly cross over where people can compromise and accommodate each other’s needs. Although, I have never witnessed or experienced a debate between two passionate ideologies where the loser conformed to the victor’s side.