How DIY projects can help with stress in college

We have all been there before week of a test you are so overwhelmed by everything that is coming at you in the upcoming week, so we just break down and avoid the world by avoiding the work all together and binging on Netflix.  This definitely doesn’t help with your stress at all instead you just have that nag in the back of your head that you can’t ignore. Well what if I told you taking 1 hour of your day to work on a DIY project could diminish your stress, build your self-esteem, and give yourself a feeling of accomplishment.

Studies have showed that doing an activity with repetition (such as knitting or crocheting) can help you destress and keep your mind actively engaged.  Combine repetition with a physical activity such as gardening and growing your own flowers and vegetables, then it becomes a super stress reliever.  I recently underwent my own DIY project of fencing off a part of my yard with pallets I found around Missoula for free.  I then planted my own peas and other vegetables.  Needless to say I have a very unique looking garden and some delicious food.11194519_10153365557939208_6273767940525080640_o

Educators have also found that when you do your own projects you build up your own self esteem.  By buying inexpensive items and making them into a finished project, this creates feeling of competency, self-worth, and confidence.  This in turn helps you create your own personal power and positive identity that helps you return to your own school projects feeling empowered.  I have currently started making small inexpensive candle space heaters.  I have one that sits next to my desk and keeps my corner warm.  I get a sense of accomplishment out of this project and also a cheap way to heat my office corner.


This all wraps up in to you feeling great about yourself because of the accomplishment.  Your friends will come over and say “That’s an interesting way to use flower pots” or “Wow look at those tomatoes.” This in also pushes you to continue working hard in every aspect of your life.  Next thing you know you are making homemade wines in your house to serve at your next party along with all your vegetables you have grown.  So maybe take the time to look around your dorm room or apartment.  Maybe you just need to make a new scarf for the winter that will be blowing in soon.  Step away from the school work turn off the tv and make something for yourself you deserve it.20150919_151129

By: Jesse James Haberman

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  1. Great ideas for motivation, creativity and keeping your mind busybusy rather than being a couch potato.

  2. Looking good there, Jesse. I just finished moving gravel with a shovel and wheelbarrow. I’m so unstressed I can hardly believe it. Cheers bro!?

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