2 Replies to “Montana Art Galleries:”

  1. So, checked out your map–very helpful idea! However, the markers for the two frame shops in Lewistown are stacked pretty much one on top of the other; I tried and tried, but could only pull up the Creative Visions gallery. Is there a way to make the markers smaller perhaps? Or include a list on the sidebar of all the places included?
    Debby Shobe, owner
    Moccasin Mountain Art & Gift
    408 W. Main
    Lewistown, MT 59457

    1. Aha! With a little navigating the site, I just answered my own question. Could it be possible to list the galleries alphabetically by name….also by town may be most helpful for travelers.
      Debby Shobe
      Moccasin Mountain Art & Gifts
      Lewistown, MT 59457

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