Breaking Bachelor News: How Much Money Does Chris Harrison Make?

Chris Harrison has become a bachelor nation icon bosating a 17 year career (and counting!) with the Bachelor Franchise. With his jovial demeanor and father like advice to the leads, it’s easy to forget that he gets paid a TON to be there.

But how much does Harrison make? What about contestants? It’s no secret that a Bachelor career can become quite profitable, but to what end?

No worries< Bachelor Nation, I decided to get my hands dirty and figure out the finances behind this franchise.

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Turns out, Harrison makes $60,000 per episode of the bachelor. That equates to AT LEAST 2 million a year according to Men’s Health.

However, estimated that Harrison’s salary is closer to $8 a million a year.

That makes the mere $87,000 salary for producers look TINY.

Most recent bachelorette (and Dancing with the Stars Starlette) Hannah Brown is reportedly making over 6 figures for ABC for the Bachelorette and sponsored posts will make her anywhere from 1,000-10,000. Brown’s career with Dancing with the Stars is also looking profitable “she could be looking at $125,000 just for joining and has the possibility of walking away with $345,000 if she is the last one standing.”

Bachelor contestants, however, do not get paid. Most of them must quit their jobs to even participate in the show. Some have spent up to $8,000 on wardrobe, putting them in the negative.

Bachelor in Paradise contestants also make a bit of money from their bachelor career In season one, Reality Steve alleged someone could make anywhere from  “$7,000-$15,000 total.” Now, in the age of social media, these contestants are virtually garuteed sponsored posts and endorsements to bolster that.

How much would it take you to start your Bachelor career? Is love worth the initial investment?