Ode to Our Unbelievable Readers

On Monday, March 17th something pretty special happened. 20 University of Montana business students headed by our teacher (Mario Schulzke of ideamensch.com) started a Montana based blogging experiment. The plan was to build a blog site using WordPress and update the content ourselves while monitoring the site with Google Analytics. In 9 weeks our class was able to generate 32,312 sessions, 25,052 users and 42,430 page views. Our viewers hailing from 104 different nations! These are pretty solid numbers for a start-up blog. We are proud of what we have done, but we are even more thankful for all of you readers.

So hats off to you! Crack a beer, pat yourself on the back and go float that boat of yours, because you deserve it!

Image 1Now let’s recap this unbelievable journey of ours… It all started 9 weeks ago with a post highlighting ever Irishman’s favorite holiday. From there we have ventured through all types of content from funny to inspiring and from quizzes to picture galleries. Over the course of this semester we have compiled a diverse array of blog content. We have tried to keep one promise to our readers throughout this process; make each post unbelievable.

Running a successful blog is about more than just posting content. Good content alone does not guarantee you thousands of eye balls. Promotion and more promotion is how you can generate high traffic to your blog. It was when collaborating as a class on various posts that we were able to generate some serious numbers. This truly has been a great learning experience along with providing our class with a much appreciated break from the traditional lecture/exam format that we are all too familiar with.

funny thank you quotes

With the semester coming to an end we just want to say it has been a wild ride and we hope that you enjoyed this blog. It has been a truly unique experience, one we won’t soon be forgetting. But not to worry, don’t be surprised if this blog comes back to life when fall classes start back up here at the University of Montana. Have a great summer!

Thank you,

Sincerely, all of us here at unbelievab.ly