10 telltale signs your boyfriend loves fishing more than you…

Trout Kiss

A River (Will Always) Run Through It and any girl dating a Montana raised guy best grab a copy of the 1976 fly-fishing novella by Norman Maclean, because the first thing on your man’s mind will always be “Trout, trout, trout, trout, trout… Trout.”

1. He has more photos of fish on his phone than of you.


2. He owns more Costa sunglasses than you do shoes. 


3. He spends more time picking out flies for the weekend than your birthday present.Dry Flies

4. His favorite cologne is a nice mix of river water, beer and cigars.Cheers

5. Your Sunday brunch plans get canceled as soon as the Skwala hatch happens… for the next six months. 

6. Date night includes you and seven of his closest fishing buddies. 


7. His ideal vacation is a weekend long bender in Craig, Montana… with his buddy Craig. 


8. He refuses to take you to his favorite hole. 


9. He is more turned on by a new rod than new lingerie. 

Fish Porn

                                                                               “It’s fish porn at its finest.”

10. He refuses to take you on his boat until the “right” time, and that’s when you know he thinks you’re a keeper. 


Special thanks to Big Sky Trouting for the witty inspiration and breathtaking photography.

Unbelievably Raw And Inspiring

This is my best friend Zach Krueger.

He is a kind, loving and compassionate family man.




He has the ability to light up a whole room with his contagious personality, smile and laughter.

University of Montana

He also loves to play dress up with princesses.

So why am I writing this? I guess you could say its my tribute. My best friend Zach chose to end his life 2 weeks ago. It shocked his masses of friends and family. Zach was a 22 year old student former student of The University Of Montana. He was so gifted and truly a beautiful person from the inside out. It sounded like a terrible joke as the news was broke to me by his roommate and other best friend Jack Gagnon who found him that morning. Especially because I was with both of them earlier that night it was unfathomable.  In 2010 the AFSP stated there was 38,364 suicides reported, making suicide the 10th leading cause of death for Americans. Suicide is complicated, and I have learned it leaves us with many questions unanswered. Often, we never learn exactly why our loved one took their life. But though opening yourself to help, your may find sharing your way through this tragedy we build support systems to help you go on living your life, and could prevent other tragedies.

Sometimes the hardest thing in life is to ask for help. To confess to the people around you the things you may not even want to admit to yourself. We all try to compartmentalize our fears and anxieties in some way or another, positively or negatively to avoid pain or disappointment, I know I do. Its impossible to deal with conflicting values, cognition, emotions, beliefs, etc alone with your one perspective. I mean how could you possibly understand the great symphony of the universe when we are simply one note. The strange thing about our defense mechanisms are they don’t actually help us cope and work through our problems in the long term. That requires open and honest communication. It sounds so simple but with evolving pressures of our society  on our performance, looks, wealth, etc. How can any logical person deal with a world that operates in grey and dark areas everyday. I wanted to share my experience to maybe help others, to encourage people to communicate true feelings to the ones around you, in all your relationships. Because you never know when you may have to receive the news I did. Then realizing truly how special that person was, and hoping you could have done more. Much unhappiness has come into the world because of bewilderment and things left unsaid. Say how you feel, do it often and seek help when the weight of the world drops you to your knees.

He would light up the room with that big goofy smile. Share all he had if he could just stay a while.
It seamed he had no worries and lived in his dreams. But to find out there was a lot of confusion in between.
It hurts me to wonder if I could have done more? A few more talks about life as we cried on floor.
But It couldn’t stop what I believe took him in the end. The doses of venom he drank killed my friend.
So I know at the end of the day he will always be that bright light. That goony laughter and happiness he brought to all our lives. Lived to short but lived it like Peter Pan, and Ill see you one day my brother, in Neverland.
RIP Zach Krueger

12 Signs You’re in Eastern Montana

As you probably know, the mentality and culture of Eastern Montana is far different from that of Western Montana. Some might even say the two regions should be different states…but that’s another story for another day. If you ever get lost in The Last Best Place, here are 12 signs you might be anywhere East of Bozeman.

1. The vehicle of choice is a nice big diesel truck


Ford F-250 to be exact.

2. The most popular hair style is the Snooki bump (even before Snooki made it popular)

Hair bump

Pretty sure Snooki should be throwing some props to Montana for her signature style.

3. You’re fashionable if you wear a camo coat, Wranglers, a plaid shirt, baseball cap, and Oakley shades. #RedneckSelfie anyone?

Redneck Selfie

The best part is that I wrote the description before I found the photo. The Duck Dynasty poster in the background is just an added bonus.  Classic!

4. You’re still expecting more snow and cold weather in April

April Snow

Ya know that meme of Montana getting all 4 seasons in one day? Yeah, this is an example of that.

5. You start chewing tobacco at the ripe age of 13


Isn’t that SO cute?!

6. Getting an MIP is a normal part of high school

Jack Daniels

Seriously, the police should just write you a ticket as you enter your first day of high school.

7. It’s perfectly common to leave your cars running and unlocked at the grocery store during winter

Parking lot

…you probably even know which car belongs to who!

8. Your morning latte costs at least $5, and you can only get it at 2 locations in town

The latte art is seriously pushing it over here.

9. You pick up a Scandinavian accent while visiting

Every. Single. Time.  It’s like you’re living out the movie Fargo.

10. Local Lutefisk dinners are the most popular events of the year


Lutefisk Dinner

Yummmmm. Who doesn’t love lye-soaked fish that’s been boiled and smothered in melted butter?

11. You can count on two hands the number of businesses in your town

Circle Main Street

Okay, it might only take one hand. (Actual Main Street in Circle, MT)

12. Your idea of a fancy date is going to your local café for spaghetti and meatballs… and you might even wear your nice Carhartt jeans!



13. BONUS: You can visit North America’s smallest TV/radio station (KXGN)


TV channel 5 or 1400 AM on the radio dial (’cause we’re still reppin’ the AM frequency). Total market: ~5,000

Going somewhere? 12 Things Cats Do on Spring Break!

Are you going somewhere for spring break? Mom and dad’s? Or maybe somewhere more exciting, like New York City? You might even have a whole week of rip-roaring debauchery planned in good ol’ Sin City. But have you thought about Cuddles and Mr. Belvedere will be up to in your absence? “Sleeping, of course,” you might think. It turns out that they had some plans of their own. Here are twelve things your cats do when you are out of town. Because thirteen would obviously be evil. Hello!

1. A quiet evening with the tele.


2. Fulfilling my dream of driving Nascar. Shut up. I’m a cat. It’s all Nascar to me.

kittynascar copy

3. Vacuum up some of that people hair.

kittyhousework copy

4. Take some ME time.


5. Ladies night with my Home Girls!


6. Finally, get some laundry done without getting hair in it!


7. Go see Miller Creek at the Badlander.


8. Get some groceries I want for a change. Not that kibble you feed me.


9. Get those pesky taxes done! Cats are dependents, right?


10. Commune with nature and test out my new fly rod.


11. Hit the slopes !


12. Get some R&R, yo.


10 College Jobs You Definitely Won’t Put on Your Resume

There’s a difference between making ends meet and building your resume, know those differences.  Here are 10 jobs to make ends meet that are certainly not resume builders.


10. Dog Walker

Yes, we all know how awesome of a job this would be.  Could you imagine how cool it would be to get paid to hang out with a bunch of dogs? Totally cool.  However, when you’re in your first big-kid job interview, describing your past experience as a glorified “poop-picker-upper” may not land you the job.


9.  Blood Plasma Donor

You are literally selling your body for “employment”.  No, you are not going to end up on the next episode of Cops, but do you really think this is a job?  Actually, you know what?  Keep it on your resume; I’m sure the person interviewing you could use a good laugh.


8.  Ice Cream Attendant

Yes, customer relations may be a valuable skill set that you take away from your tenure as an ice cream scooper, however, you might want to  try to avoid the awkward “what’s your favorite ice cream flavor?” question when you are interviewing for your first real job.


7.  Parking Lot Attendant 

If your chief responsibility is opening a gate and saying “haaaaaaave a good one!” you may want to reconsider putting this on your resume.


6.  Janitor

While being a janitor is a respectable job in its own light, cleaning off whiteboards and the mopping the hallways of your favorite building on campus may not be the experience that HR representative is looking for.


5.  Drink Cart Girl

If you are at work and consistently answering the command of “beer me,” make yourself look good and leave this one of the good ol’ resume.


4.  Campus Quick Copy

Literally, the only thing going through the interviewer’s mind is “I wonder if this guy can fix that paper jam Bill from accounting caused?”


3.  Dancer, Exotic



2.  Campus Food Service

Food service jobs, for the most part, totally suck.  But working at the campus dining hall?  That double sucks.  Job experience does not come in the form of washing the dishes of hundreds of college students.


1.  Houseboy

A houseboy is someone who works in a sorority house, washing dishes, serving food, sweeping floors, among other things.  In exchange, a houseboy is compensated by meals during the week.  Make no mistake, indentured servitude is alive and well on college campuses.