Dog Balances Montana’s Greatness on His Head

We all love Montana for one reason or another. This is Bear he was born and raised in Montana, Bear loves everything about Montana, but most of all he loves balancing his favorite things about Montana on his head.


Montana is known for it’s amazing fishing and has built local cultures around the fishing lifestyle. Whether it is tossing a line out of a boat on Canyon Ferry or wading out up to your giblets rippin’ lip on the in the waters of Madison River , Montana is truly a fisherman’s paradise.



Montanans love their beer more than most and Bear is no exception. The atmosphere of a Montana brewery is often hard to beat, not to mention you can bring your dog, and what is not to love about dogs and beer?



Montana’s rivers and lakes provide endless opportunity for adventures. Especially when all the snow melts and the whitewater rafting and kayaking begins, and if that is not your cup of tea, floating in the old inner tube is a Montana pastime and a sure way to have a good time.Bear hasn’t quite mastered the kayak yet but he does pretty good for not having thumbs.



There are few places that offer the scenery and wildlife of Montana, which often can be discovered just minutes out of town. With Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks, Montana is a sure to provide unrivaled experiences and memories. The wildlife in Montana is hard to find anywhere else and just like any Montanan, Bear loves it all Except cats, Bear hates cats. (and yes this isn’t technically balancing, but a goose on a dogs head is pretty great)


Good People:

There is a reason people love Montanans…we rock. Ok yes, every village has a an idiot or two but Montanans are truly the kindest, most unselfish bunch of hippies, yuppies, hillbillies, and misfits one could cram into one great state. Bear especially loves the Montana girls in boots.



If a great buck or bull is what you’re after Montana is the place to go.Trophy animals grow in Montana faster than our hatred for Justin Beiber.



We Montanans are not only a kind and unselfish bunch, but were classy too. Whether is red solo cup wine glasses, daisy dukes on men, Hoagieville stains on our sweatpants, or the ever present “Montana” musk of a downtown bar, Montana knows how to keep it classy.


Texting and Driving? This Video Will Make You Think Twice…

This video shows just how deadly texting and driving can be.

Originally created for a Future Business Leaders of America competition in the Spring of 2012, three students from Alta High School in Sandy, Utah show the devastating consequences that could happen when you text and drive.

SO before you reach to send that quick text watch…


The video creators Mitchell Calder, Nicholas Carpenter, and Ben Doxey took first in the State of Utah competition with the help of their FBLA advisor, Kim Batey.

Together they proved that texting and driving accidents could happen to anyone.  

Thank you to Mitchell Calder and the rest of Canopy Productions for the video content.

Car Hacking. Are You Safe?

Imagine you get into your vehicle after a long day at work. Suddenly the doors lock the radio starts blasting heavy metal. You try and start the vehicle and nothing happens. Your vehicle has been hacked! Today new vehicles are so jam packed with technology that this scenario is far from fiction. Dozens of independent operating computers are all connected through an in-car communications network, aka CAN bus. There are a number of ways that computer hackers can attack your vehicle. So who is winning the battle for your vehicle, the car hackers or the car manufacturers?

Here are entry points a hacker can use to take control of your vehicle:

cutting edge parking garage1. Telematics System: Most of you have probably heard of Onstar or anything similar offered by GM’s competitors. This system can notify police in the event of an accident, disable a stolen vehicle, and offer diagnostic info to drivers. So by hacking into this system a person could control a system such as the ignition of a vehicle.

2. MP3 Malware: Code that can be attached to an MP3 file that makes its way into your vehicles computer network and is capable of things such as disabling your brakes!

3. OBD-II Hacking: The OBD-II port is where the mechanic plugs in the scanning tool to diagnose a check engine light code on your vehicle. After a program is downloaded through the car’s OBD-II port it could essentially it could control everything from the windshield wipers to the brakes of the vehicle.

4. Door Locks: In most modern cars automatic locking mechanisms engage when the vehicle is put into drive and disengage if the vehicle’s air bags deploy. Theoretically this means that other systems can be breached through this system. A skilled hacker could force your car to accelerate after gaining access via the vehicle’s automatic door locking system.

5. Key Fob: For those who don’t know the key fob can be used to lock and unlock as well as start a vehicle. Hackers can extend the range of this fob up to 30 feet. This tricks the car into thinking the key is inside your vehicle when it is not, allowing someone to slip into your new ride and start it while you walk away.

Car Hacker

So should we all start worrying about computer hackers messing with our vehicles? The answer is no, unless you are someone largely in the public eye that would have an increased chance of being targeted. Only vehicles with these technologies are even at risk, which would include models made during or after the year 2013. The truth is that hacking a car takes a lot of time, effort, and resources… not to mention car manufacturers are hard at work to prevent these types of breaches into a vehicle’s communications network. Even though highly unlikely it is eye opening that these possibilities even exist.

What Your Hangover Cure Says About You

You spent all night downing booze and creating killer memories that you don’t actually remember.  Whether you were “Gettin’ Jiggy With It” or “Droppin’ it like it was hot” , it’s safe to say you were quite inebriated and it was simply swell.  What’s not so swell- it’s Saturday morning and your head is killing you.  Chances are if you’re reading this right now the words on the screen might make you a little woozy… so I’ll get right down to the guts of it (whoops, sorry, bad word choice).


Two Ibuprofen and a Gatorade

Maybe last night you were the cool kid offering shots of Jack Daniels to all your homies… but today you’re definitely drinking the Hatorade.  You should be given props for simply getting up today.  Caution to the people who walk past you, no matter their expression – a look of concern or a smug grin – you might just punch them in the face.  Calm down jock strap, maybe later you’ll have time to take a nap, but for now head down and nose to the grind stone.


A helpful alternative? Try drinking coconut water instead.  It’s packed with electrolytes those sweet, sweet little saviors.  Coconut water has the potassium of four bananas, is cholesterol free, and extremely hydrating.

Do you often take runs after binge drinking escapades?

You’re an overachiever. From us to you: Stop. You’re making us look bad.  Just go back to bed and writhe in pain like the rest of us mere mortals.  Beware when using this method! If you’re not properly hydrating you could actually be hurting more than helping.

Grey's Anatomy

Instead, bring your water bottle on a light jog. No one’s racing you; what are you trying to prove?

The Ritual

You have your hangover cure set in stone.  Maybe it’s a six-inch Veggie sub and a TCBY frozen yogurt.  Maybe it’s a cup of tea, a cheesy beef burrito and a Pain Aid.  Whatever that weirdly magical combination is, you’ll be good as new.  You swear by it.  You need it.  If you don’t have it, game over.  Well done, grasshopper, to thine self be true.

Easy A

Hair of the Dog that Bit You

Sure you might be giving your body more toxins to deal with-delaying a worse hangover in the future… but like the procrastination star you are, just hold that off as long as possible.  In fact you may as well just drink all day too.  Let that lukewarm Bud Light wrap it’s reassuring arms around you and get cozy in front of the TV – you’re not going anywhere.


That Greasy Fix

If only you’d eaten them before you downed all those gin and tonics… There isn’t any actual evidence that proves bacon and eggs for breakfast or a large order of fries can help cure your hangover.  But hey man, whatever helps you sleep at night.


Big Gulps

There are those whose “stand by” is a cold Coca-Cola, those who prefer coffee and better yet those who down a Red Bull.  These are the quenchers seeking immediate gratification when they wake up after their long night on the town.  To these folks I say, “good luck”.  Like a sugar rush, this form of hangover cure is doubtful to last very long and will leave your body extremely dehydrated.


Might I suggest copious, extraordinary amounts of water or perhaps a glass of flat Ginger Ale to soothe your stomach instead.

Like it was a bad dream: 

Sleep it off.  Sleep is the most effective and only proven cure of a hangover.  If you’re lucky enough to catch a couple extra z’s today, do so.

Bad teacher

Hint: Morgan Freeman’s voice will forever be a good idea to help soothe you to sleep.  Pop Shawshank in the DVD player and let his voice do it’s magic.



Last night you thought to yourself, “I’ll let my future self deal with it.” Today, future self thinks you’re an asshole.  So I should probably throw this one in there just to be safe… maybe… just possibly… you could drink more responsibly next time? In moderation perhaps.  Drinking a glass of water between shots of tequila doesn’t make you a pussy, it makes you a smart pussy.  So plan ahead and save your future self.