Grizzlies Last Home Game 2018-19 Season

Grizzlies last home game in Dahlberg Arena for the 2018-19 season. Fabijan Krslovic did some commentary, dance team killed the halftime, and the boys beat NAU 66-64.

Thanks & Go Griz!


Lab Results Are In….


Excuse the watermark everyone….. my “free” video maker turned out to be not so free once I attempted to export my blog.

As we all know, animals bring our lives an immense amount of happiness. The dog featured in my vlog is my boy Kona; he is a two year old black lab that has made my whole life complete. I hope you all can enjoy a little bit of puppy lovin, and I hope this video brings a smile to your faces. Enjoy!

Under the Hawaiian Sea

by: Kaitlyn Graf

In the midst of this frigid Montana winter, I find myself reminiscing on a warm trip in paradise. This video includes shots from Maui, Hawaii from June 2017.

I truly believe paradise isn’t just a place but a feeling.

I hope you enjoy!