A Definitive Ranking of the Most Photogenic Pugs on Instagram

A new wave of celebrities are crashing in on Instagram, and these celebrities aren’t the type to Photoshop their pictures or try to make sure their beach bods are in perfect shape for you. They are taking over your Instagram feeds (and social media in general) with a fierce confidence. Who am I talking about exactly? P-U-G-S. That’s right, pugs. Here is a ranking of the top 5 pugs on Instagram who are prettier than you. And let’s be honest, you love it.

5. Pugalicious Vinny

Not only is he sexy and he knows it, but he can rock a bow tie better than any guy you know.

pugalicious vinny 2

pugalicious vinny 3

Pugalicious Vinny


4. Nutello the Pug

He is #swole, he can rock any mustache, AND he is into romance.

nutello pug 3

nutello pug

nutello pug 2


3. Homer Pugalicious

He says it all with his eyes.

homer pugalicious 2

homer pugalicious 3



2. Doug the Pug

He is sassier than you. He is wittier than you. And he can rock his PJs better than you.

doug the pug

doug the pug 3



1. Ref the Pug

He understands how hard life can be when you are THIS beautiful. He still manages to work it for the camera though.

ref the pug 3

ref the pug





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  1. Thank you so so so much for ranking me #1 and featuring me in your top 5 photogenic pugs. I work very hard for mum and she loves taking photos of me and sharing them with the world. Thank you again, you have made mine and mum’s day.

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