Sexiest Men Alive: Silver Fox Edition

Like fine wine, some things just get better with age…

By: Natalie Drozdz

Here are 10 HAWT silver foxes. Enjoy.

George Clooney

Age: 58

The phrase “silver fox” was created for this daddy.

Pierce Brosnan

Age: 66

A fine lad from Ireland.

Eric Dane

Age: 46

Is it just me or is it getting “McSteamy” in here?

Patrick Dempsey

Age: 53

It’s a beautiful day to see McDreamy here.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Age: 53

I’d say he’s easy on the eyes.

Anderson Cooper

Age: 52

The finest newscaster the world has ever seen.

John Slattery

Age: 57

As dapper as they come.

Jeff Goldblum

Age: 66

Just remember Jeff wearing those leather pants in Jurassic Park…

Matt LeBlanc

Age: 52

Hey, how YOU doin?

Steve Carell

Age: 57

He is Beyonce, always.