Side of Ranch

Table 65, three bottles of Coors Lite, one with glass, check on table 88. Side of ranch. There are people at the door, where is the Host. Shoot, I need two caesar’s, no cheese, no anchovies, dressing on the side, no cheese, no anchovies, dressing on the side. Shit, why did I put cheese on that. Re-order. I can’t wait to have a drink later, drink, drink, oh shit gotta go get table 61’s drink order. Side of ranch. More people are at the door. WHERE IS THE HOST. Should I talk to them? Ok, alright, she is taking care of that. The guy on 68 is looking at me, ok what does he need, he has food and a full drink, ok never mind, just being creepy. Smile and nod, I am such a great server. Side of ranch. Did he just say I got a 12 top, where is my food for 78? Did he just seat me again? Does he want me to fail? That is three times in a row, they hate me! Side of ranch. Phone is ringing, guy on 68 is looking at me again, damn it she is taking 67s food to 77, 67! 67! Another round of beers for 65. A bottle of wine, yeah let me just go get those five glasses, bottle, and opener. More people are standing at the door, did they just seat themselves? Side of ranch.

3 Reasons Why Everyone Should Work in the Service Industry

  1. Multitasking:

Multitasking is huge! It is something that you may think you have a grasp on, but once you have ten different tables with 60 different needs you learn to prioritize your customers and set your personal needs aside.

  1. It’s ok to make mistakes:

You learn not to take your mistakes to seriously, if you make a mistake and have the bar tender pour you two glasses of chardonnay instead of one or bring the wrong check to a table. Some customers might be upset, and some will understand. It all contributes to you growing thicker skin.

  1. It’s a team sport:

Being a server you learn to be timely; you must work hard in any position you are in. As a server you are part of a team. There are as many people relying on you as you are relying on them.


Ok, everyone has cashed out. The night is over, where is the bartender? I need a drink! How much money is here. 80, 90, 105, I am such a good server. Time to head home!

*Lays down for bed*

They never got their fucking ranch.


~Madlyn Dawald

2 Replies to “Side of Ranch”

  1. Madlyn, as a fellow server I could relate to the beginning of your blog post and found it extremely amusing! Being a server can definitely teach some valuable life lessons and I think you picked the best lessons we learn from being servers. It is fast-paced all the time and people don’t always understand that. Learning to multi-task and work as a team has definitely brought some value into my life going through the business school classes and having to work on multiple group projects at one. I can totally relate to this! Great work!

  2. Hi Madlyn, your opener and and ending or very entertaining. What a great way to draw people in! I also love the list format. This makes it very easy to read. I wonder if you could even add a couple more bullet points? It would be great if you also related each bullet point back to how that is important to life. “Multitasking is something you need to be good at because..” Great work, really entertaining and easy read!

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