Slow Computer? Here are 4 Tips to Increase Your Computer’s Speed.





Get on better terms with your computer today.

We’ve all been there, continuing to click the mouse in attempt to load the application faster or unfreeze a program. Unfortunately this does not work 99% of the time and often leads to more frustration and wasted time waiting on your computer. If you’re in the same position as me you’ve had your computer for a few years now and it’s starting to become slower and applications freezing up are becoming more frequent. I decided that I was done putting up with my slow computer and you should too.


If you’re on your last straw with your computer there’s still hope.

Below are four tips from a Missoula computer repair expert Justin Ovenell, owner of TechNellogic that will increase your computer’s speed. 

1. Update your computer

Having an updated system cuts down other system errors and compatibility problems. A vast majority of user’s problems with computers can be solved by simply updating the computer, which will also increase its speed. Keep in mind the biggest reason to update your computer besides speed is for SECURITY! Think of it as “preventative maintenance.” The typical update only takes about 20
minutes. By staying on top of these updates you won’t have to spend hours of your time in the future.

  1. Virus Protection

Having a virus not only slows down your computer but it can completely shut off usability. Whether you get a paid version or free version it’s important to have some kind of antivirus protection. In my experience, I’ve used Panda and Avast antivirus software. These are both free programs with excellent customer reviews. I would highly recommend either of these to my clients. In addition I recommend running a full scan every one to two weeks. It takes about an hour to complete and well worth the time and money it could save you later on.

3. Clear out cookies and cache in web browser

 Neglecting to clear out your cookies and cache will definitely slow down your computer. I recommend that you go to your website browsers and clear out your cookies and cache at the very least once a month. Cookies and cache are little files that your computer stores when you visit a website and overtime they can start to build up making your browsing experience slower. The cookies collect data on your browsing habits. For example, Facebook uses cookies to show you advertisements based off your web browsing history.

4. Organize your files

It’s important to periodically sort through what you have saved on your desktop and throw away what you don’t need. Remember to empty out your trash bin/ recycling twice monthly. Keeping up with file management will cleanup excess files on your internal hard-drive which will increase your computers speed. I know this sounds obvious but save things where they should be saved. For example, if you have a weekend trip save the photos in the designated photo section instead of having a few saved in documents, downloads, desktop, etc., to avoid creating duplicates. Spending a little time in the beginning organizing files will save you lots of time later on when your looking for that file you saved a year previous. 

About TechNellogic
At TechNellogic, they strive to provide the best computer repair service to the Missoula area through efficient repairs, genuine customer care, and service that fits your needs. They specialize in repairs for both Mac’s and PC’s providing you with the technical support you need at home, for school, or to run your small business. They know that you are busy enough each day as it is, and you don’t want to deal with the hassle of finding a fix on your own for your desktop, laptop, printer or home network. TechNellogic takes care of the hassle for you by providing fast, friendly and professional solutions to the technical problems you face.



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