Social Media Engagement Ideas To Boost Your Business

Struggling on how to attract more viewers & gain more followers to your Instagram page? Say no more! I have posted a Social Media success guide specifically for Instagram below – including some helpful tips to increase popularity and your overall follower count.

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From the Link:

Here I have highlighted some of my favorite tips directly from the link to give viewers a summary on how to successfully gain and maintain Instagram followers.

5 of My Favorite Ways to Boost your Social Media Engagements:

1. Make your posts and profile public: Here is where most entrepreneurs get it wrong. They create this beautiful and interesting post full of value, but only their friends can see it. Don’t waste your time on private posts. Show your masterpiece to the world.

2. Respond to comments if you want to boost your Social Media engagement: When you respond to comments, you boost your own post. That means it gets up in the news feed and more people can see it.

3. Engage in your audience’s posts: When entrepreneurs hear or read about this tip, they think LIKING is enough. No, you have to engage with liking and commenting. Let’s be honest, most entrepreneurs are lazy, that’s why they don’t have great results.

4. Connect with your audience on messenger: Go that extra mile and connect with your audience on a more personal level. Messenger is a great place to start. You can send them a text message, voice message or even go on a video call.

5. Share a story (yours or someone else’s): If you look at some of the leaders and influencers, what do you see most on their Social Media profiles? Stories, right? They are talking about their past, how they struggled, and what they did to achieve massive success.