16 Strange Questions People Ask Twins and Triplets

Hillary (left), Aimee (center), Lizzy (right)

I’m a triplet and throughout my 22 years of being a triplet I’ve been asked some of the stupidest and strangest questions about “my condition”.
No matter how ridiculous the questions are, I never get tired of hearing them because its an entertaining look at what is going on in other people’s minds.

1. So which one is the evil one?…

What makes you think there’s an evil one? Its not like one of us came from some other parallel universe

2. Were you planned or was it just a freak accident

One, I’ve have never met anyone who wanted to have triplets and two, how insulting to say we were a freak accident!

3. Do you guys ever fight?

Have you ever had a roommate? A brother? A sister? If so then you can relate. People who have lived in close proximity with each other have gotten sick of one another. To answer the question, of course we have fought and not liked each other before.

4. Can you feel each other’s pain?

No. It doesn’t work like that. If one of my sisters stubbed her toe, I wouldn’t feel that horrible pain.

5. Do you have psychic powers? …What is your sister thinking right now?

This is my personal favorite. No I can’t really read my sisters minds, or know how they are feeling at this very moment. But I like to tell people that I can, just to keep their imagination alive.

6. Did you ever like switch places in elementary, middle, or high school?

No our lives aren’t like a 90’s TV show. We always wanted to though. Its hard to switch places when all three of you are in the same classes.

7. Do you ever look at your sister and think holy crap I’m looking at myself?

To be honest yes! Sometimes in high school we would walk out of our rooms unintentionally wearing the same thing and it would look like I was looking in a mirror…kinda creepy sometimes.

8. Oh so you’re a triplet… why don’t you guys look alike?

Not all twins, triplets, and multiples look exactly the same. Its called being fraternal. Being fraternal is actually more common then being identical.

9. Do you ever say the same thing at the same time?

Yes! And it’s scary sometimes. We did this all the time growing up and it creeped out our friends every time.

10. Which one is the oldest?

I’ll always answer this question because everyone wants to know who came first, and that one-minute difference definitely counts!

11. Are you guys related or something?

This is most often asked sarcastically by family friends or a friends dad who obviously knows we’re triplets and can’t get enough of bad dad jokes

12. Did your parents mix you up all the time?

I always wonder if I’m actually who I say I am. I could be Aimee or Elizabeth…We may never know…

13. Did you have your own baby language?

I honestly don’t know but I’m sure we did. How else do babies communicate other then through gibberish nonsensical words and sounds?

14. Did your parents ever dress you up alike?

How could they have told us apart if we always wore the same thing? Since our very first pairs of socks my parents had us wearing different colors. I was green and yellow (yuck), Lizzie was blue and purple and Aimee was pink (jealous).

15. Were your parents shocked when they found out?

OF COURSE! My mom says she cried the whole car ride home from the doctor’s office and my dad was speechless for a couple days.

16. What’s it like being a triplet?

It’s pretty much the coolest thing ever! I have a connection with my sisters that not many people can say they have.

6 Replies to “16 Strange Questions People Ask Twins and Triplets”

  1. I am a triplet mom and I can relate/have heard questions like this quite often. I am glad you take it all in stride, because so many of us get annoyed at all the stupid questions. LOL So I can add: Are they all yours? (No I just snatch unattended children as I walk by). How do you get pregnant with Triplets? (You have sex with the milk man, pizza delivery guy, and your husband at the same time) or (You have sex 3x in one night). Are they NATURAL? (Of course, not a plastic one between them.) And the dumb comment: I wish I had triplets. (Uh, No you don’t!) I love my children, and wouldn’t change a thing, but being the mom of a multiple is one of the hardest jobs around, and it isn’t one that most people can do by themselves. If I hadn’t had a lot of help when they were babies, I would probably STILL be curled up in a ball in the psych ward.

  2. Hi Hillary,
    Thanks for sharing your blog post and your experience as a triplet! I’m a mom of 11 month old triplet girls and I loved reading your perspective on some of the typical questions! My personal fav is #14 because I have my girls color coded and I know they will probably grow up to hate their assigned colors!! Thanks again for sharing!

    1. I’m happy you enjoyed my post. I really hated my colors. A couple years ago for christmas my parents got everyone fleece sweaters and of course they got me this disgusting lime green one. When I saw it I finally voiced my opinion about my color preference I said, “you know what mom and dad I really hate green and yellow” they were kinda shocked haha.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing all of this! Just another mom of triplet girls checking in. It is wonderfully insightful to get a triplet’s point of view! 😉

    As the other moms have mentioned we hear similar things as parents. lol. I’ll have to make sure to keep the colors mixed up so they don’t feel stuck with any one color.

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