10 Montana Summer Activities.

Montana’s summer months are the perfect time of the year to experience the outdoors.

The summer months in Montana are from May to September.

These months are the perfect time of the year to get out and enjoy Montana’s beautiful lands, mountains and waterways.

Here are some incredible summer activities to do in Montana this summer.


1. Off The Grid Camping

Jeeps and tents in camp

Montana has are many public campgrounds and state parks that you can camp in for a small, nightly fee. However, to really experience the wild side of Montana, camping off the grid is the way to go. There are many camping locations through out the state that are free to camp in. Just find a dirt road in the mountains and drive til you’ve lost cell phone service. You’ll find that perfect place to camp and relax for the weekend is just a few miles up the road.

2. Hiking & Backpacking


Montana has numerous back-country hiking and backpacking trails.  All of the State and National Parks in Montana have hiking and backpacking trails. Some parks even offer guided hiking and backpacking trips. So pack up the essential hiking gear and  hit the trails this summer.

3. Mountain Biking


If hiking the back-country trails isn’t your thing, try mountain biking. Most of the same back-country trails in Montana are open to mountain bikers, as well as hikers. So go grab your mountain bike out of the garage and hit the trails in Montana’s wilderness.

4. Fishing

Adult lake trout

With numerous rivers, creeks and lakes, Montana has an abundance of fishing locations. When Montana’s summer weather is gloomy and wet, fishing is the perfect outdoor activity. So grab your fishing pole and tackle box, because there are tons of fish to catch.

5. Visit The Parks

Montana-state-park-map-300x191Photo Credit

Montana has many state parks to visit. In fact, Montana has 54 State Parks and 2 National Parks. Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks attract numerous visitors every year during the summer months. All of the parks in Montana have numerous outdoor activities for families, as well as avid, outdoor explorers.

6. Farmers Markets

farmers market

If back-country travelling isn’t on the weekend agenda, the local farmers market is a great way to spend Saturday mornings. During the summer months, Montana has numerous farmers markets. The top three farmers markets are located in Bozeman and Missoula, Montana. These markets have delicious foods, beautiful handmade items, fresh fruits and vegetables and live events.

7. Floating The Rivers

river floating

When the summer heat really starts to get unbearable, floating the river is a great way to cool off. Just call your friends, grab some inner-tubes and a cooler of beer, and hit the river for the day. Floating the rivers in Montana is the perfect way to unwind and enjoy the summer heat.

8. Sapphire Mining

Gem Mountain

One unique to Montana summer activity is sapphire hunting at Gem Mountain in Philipsburg, Montana. At Gem Mountain, you purchase buckets of mined soil that contain sapphires. Sifting through soil to find precious gems is a wonderful way to spend a summer day in Montana.

9. Huckleberry Picking

Day one, about a half hour in:  First Berries!!!

One outdoor activity that is a must for Montana summers is huckleberry picking. It’s a great way to spend summer days in Montana mountains. From July to the middle of September is the prime time to pick huckleberries in Montana. And huckleberries are delicious summer garnishes for ice cream, baked treats and smoothies.

10. Cooling Off On The Lake

flathead wake boarding

Enjoy some water sports and boating on the largest, fresh water lake west of the Mississippi River. Flathead Lake is a great place to camp, fish, boat and swim during the summer months. The water is just the right temperature and the fish are always biting. So check out the Flathead this summer.


These are just a few of the amazing activities of Montana summers. Whether you live in Montana or you’re just visiting the state during the summer time, try to enjoy at least one of these great activities.

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