7 Keys to Surviving the Zombie (Tag) Apocalypse

These 7 tips will keep you alive during your next round of Zombie Tag.

1) Choose your loadout carefully.

While it may be fun to carry many weapons, they will weigh you down and you’ll stick out like a sore thumb. Stick to a small pistol and a large rifle. And don’t be this guy.

Don't be this guy cr

2) Know your weapon.

If you know the personality of your weapon, when it will jam, and how to get accuracy out of it, then you just raised your odds tenfold.

Know your weapon cr

3) Practice with it

A single-shot pistol in the hands of a practiced marksman is worth more than a clip-fed gun being fired wildly. Get some friends together with their own guns and have a nerf gun fight to practice hitting moving targets while also learning how to move with your gun.

Practice cr

4) Remember the golden ratio: 3-to-1

One human can take on about three zombies before you have trouble. If it is only one or two, just take them down and save your energy. But don’t forget to…

3 to 1 cr

5) Look behind you

Many humans get killed by a single zombie that sneaks up behind you when your attention is elsewhere. Always stay aware of your back as well as your front.

look back cr

6) Group up…

In the early days, travel with your friends. The extra eyes and guns will keep you alive while you get used to being vigilant.

Group up cr

7) …but be brave enough to travel alone

As the infection spreads, there will be more zombies and less people. You’ll want to be fast and sneaky. Don’t be afraid to go lone wolf as the situation gets more dangerous.

lone wolf cr

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