11 Realistic Yet Completely Satisfying Spring Break Getaways

Spring break is right around the corner for us college students and have you thought of where your next adventure will be? Here are 11 realistic yet completely satisfying spring break getaways as told by college students just like yourself that have gone, will go or are dying to get to in 2015.

Let’s start with the more obvious choices that students end up going anyway…

1. Lake Havasu, AZ

Lake Havasu, AZWhether you enjoy the beach, paddle boarding or listening to great music Lake Havasu has been named a top attraction among many college students to spend their spring break. -“Nicole Orrantia- University of Montana”

2. Las Vegas, NV Las Vegas, NV

Another popular place to visit is the city that never sleeps, Las Vegas. Here people can go to clubs, lay by the pool or do some over priced shopping. -“Jayden Romero- Montana State University “

3. California

San DiegoSan Francisco, CA

Who could forget going to California? Not us! Expose your sophisticated side in San Francisco or enjoy a boat ride in San Diego. Either way there is no better place to enjoy some sun than in California. -“Bailey Harper- University of Montana & Kelsie McDowell- Boston University “

4. Panama City, FL

Panama City, FL

BEACHES BEACHES AND MORE BEACHES. Can’t get enough of them, right? Try another huge destination to experience music, major night clubs and that beautiful weather in Panama City. “Kyle Tevlin- Union College”

5. Grand Canyon, AZ


If you want to check out the outdoors early put on your hiking shoes and trek around the Grand Canyon. You’ll be amazed by the beautiful scenery and unexpected friendliness of other travelers. -“Heather Donnelly-University of Montana”

Now let’s look at some awesome places you might not think to visit…

6. Lake Chelan, WA

Lake Chelan, WA2

There is SO much to do in the main cities of Washington but what about the secret lakes in the area such as Lake Chelan? It’s perfect for family trips to camp, boat and jet ski which gives you the feeling of being at beach but without the crowds. “Ally Goodall- Central Washington University” 

7. Wrightsville Beach, NC

Wrightsville Beach, NC

Let’s go East now to another beach, Wrightsville, NC. This town is all about the active lifestyle from fishing, paddle boarding to surfing. They even have the friendliest locals! What could beat that?-“Connor Gustafson- University of Montana”

8. Charelston, SC

charleston, S.C.

Charelston, SC is the place to be to enjoy amazing scenery. Here you can take about a million and a half tourists walking trips, go out to sea for some fishing and even explore the cute downtown atmosphere.
“Ryanne Frazier- SCAD-University for Creative Careers”

9. Fernie, BC

Fernie, BC

Put on your best retro 80’s gear and get ready for the skiing time of your life as you celebrate Hot Dog Day in Fernie, BC with all the other dedicated skiing enthusiasts. All true skiers and snowboarders will be there so make sure not to miss out on this event!-“AJ Frisell- University of Montana”

10. Goldbug Hotsprings, ID

Goldbug Hot Springs, ID

What better way to start spring off with a little camping trip to a non-commercial hot springs like Goldbug, ID? Enjoy the fresh air, a little bit of wilderness and soak up that warm water before the big camping trips start! -“Lindsay Forman- University of Montana”

11. Back Home

Mary Miller, Family

As we are all college students one of the best get away places is making that trip back home to see your mom, dad and bless the siblings of your presence for a delightful week. “-Mary Miller- University of Montana”

If you are a student and want to share your spring break  adventure please send a picture and description to: cassandralflynn@gmail.com


25 Random Tips That Make Life Easier

25 Random Tips That Make Life Easier

1) Going to the game? Well this might come in handy….




3) Answers everyone’s questions about doing laundry


4) Starbucks Lovers: YOU ARE WELCOME!


5) Liar Liar Pants On Fire


6) Getting a tat? Keep this in mind….


7) Here’s a quick 41 ways to save some greenbacks


8) For the morning haters….


9) Coffee just rocks….


10) Sunday Funday


11) Ah… I work out


 12) Mastering those horrible winter driving conditions


13) Upcoming job interview? Go kill it….


14)  Clean up, clean up, everybody, everywhere


15) Beat that end-of-semester anxiety


16) So when’s the best time to buy?

best deals

17) Fruit Seasons!

fruit season

18) Red solo cup, I fill you up, let’s have a party!!


19) Happy Birthday!


20) That’s pretty nifty….


21) The cheaper the airfare the better!


22) For the men: Tie a Tie


23) For the women: Backless dress


24) Order Up!


25) Long Road Trips.


12 Gear Grinding Grievances Every UM Student has Encountered.

In the valley of Missoula there sits a school so courageous and undaunted that they could utter one earth-shattering phrase.. one phrase so revolutionary it is said to have been the start of the Revolutionary War itself.  The students of the UNIVERSity of Montana have spoken and they will not be silenced.  They have come to answer the age old question:


grinds my gears

12. GROUP ADVISING is the worst idea IN THE WORLD” -Emma B.


we feel ya Emma, we really do.  *tips hat

11.  THE DISTURBING SHORTAGE of British and/or Australian dudes at UM.  -Maddie C.

10. I BLAME THE SQUIRRELS. They’re always conspiring, PLOTTING EVIL ACTS. I heard the lockdown this winter was a COVER UP keeping us from realizing they had snatched up some sort of acorn EXPLOSIVE DEVICE. That’s probably the worst thing about UM in my opinion.   -Gavin H.

Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 1.05.11 PM

You know what really grinds my gears? 

9.  The other day I BROUGHT SOUP for lunch ASSUMING THERE WERE MICROWAVES in the UC and there WEREN’T.  So I was forced to eat COLD SOUP for lunch.  -Nora R.


The drama, the intrigue… the horror!  Ps. Nora, look downstairs in the market you might spot one. 

8. The university is considering cutting it’s East Asian studies minor when Montana State just added an EAS major. – Kelsie C.

Oh no! we may have to rely on MSU to order us our favorite Pad-Nam-Prig-Pao from Sa-Wad-Dee next year…


7.  Without fail, while on campus there will NEVER BE PEACE between the cyclists and the idle amblers.  This friction causes me extreme anxiety.  The cyclists go at ludicrous speeds and refuse to announce themselves.  The walkers are unpredictable and erratic— insistent upon weaving from left to right to span the entire width of the sidewalk, when approaching a flock of those who travel by foot they are adamant about walking four abreast.

Dearest pedestrians, calm the fuck down.  

Dearest Cyclists, announce yo self! 

       Example dialogue between commuters:

      Pedestrian: Who goes there? I’m going stay the course and not make any sudden movements.

      Cyclist: Well ahoy! I’m going to ride around you at a reasonable speed on the port side! 


You know what really grinds my gears? 

6. The people who only go to the library during FINALS WEEK.  Actually to add on that, the people who watch porn in the library and think no one is watching… Just because you’re in in the basement doesn’t mean it’s appropriate. -James B.

Two out of the three of these guys were looking at porn. No joke. See those tightly crossed legs?
Two out of the three of these guys were looking at porn. No joke. See those tightly crossed legs?

5. How are we supposed to learn about digital marketing if we don’t have internet in our classroom.  Also I agree with Gavin, those squirrels are up to no good.    – Jimbo J.

People always doubt Montanan’s have things like running water and electricity… Let’s prove them wrong.

4. “The LA building is a DREADFUL place in and of itself, but the most frustrating part is why would you put an elevator in the building if i’m not allowed to use it? Just to tease me?” -Lane H.

The answer in short: Yes.  Just to tease you.  You and only you, Lane.


You know what really grinds my gears? 

3. How about the fact that the sidewalks get more water than the grass?

y u no meme grass

University Y U NO FIX THIS?????

2.  The “EYES ONLY” sign placed in the UC Jungle.  Actually the jungle itself.  Why? Just Why? -Natasha L.


Signs are put up for a reason, someone’s got to tell us who tried to swing across the UC like Tarzan. 

1. Overzealous parking enforcement.  “Oh, you’ve been in that quick stop for twenty five minutes… $25 ticket and LIFE IN PRISON.   We’re also taking your family in for questioning.  One more infraction and it’ll cost you your first born.”



See what Grinds Peter’s Gears: You Know What Really Grinds My Gears?