5 Strange Things to Prepare For In Montana

5 Strange Things to Prepare For In Montana

Living in Montana for the past few years, there has been a ridiculous amount of things I have come to love and welcome about the great state. At first, the things that seemed the most bizarre and strangest are things that are apart of my everyday life, and when I leave to go anywhere else I cannot seem to leave them behind. Without further ado, from visiting on your first trip, to moving here as an “out-of-stater,” here’s a few weird things you’ll have to get use to!

1. There’s just one area code… for the whole state!


It’s the weirdest thing to see, but when you just see seven numbers instead of the whole ten its weird… and trust me, it’ll throw you off everytime you go to tell someone your number or get anyone else’s. #canyouhearmenow

2. There IS a speed limit, but it’s fast enough


If you need to go anywhere faster than 80mph, you shouldn’t be driving, go try flying or something like that. We all know your car has more horse power than… well then actual horse, so we don’t need to see you hitting 100mph. #racecarspeltbackwardsisracecar

3. Everything is unlocked or open… like all the time!


Everything from the car doors, to the door on your house is constantly left open.  The mind boggling part is that nothing ever gets stolen! #knockknockwhosthere

4. You need to get use to talking to EVERYONE… and waving … and smiling… stop being mean and just be friendly


Yes its true, the Montana way of life is a happy one, so stop being pissed off, and staring into your phone (unless you’re reading this of course)! Everyone around you is usually willing to talk to you, no matter how weird you are! #justbefriendly

5. We actually have electricity!


Right? Who would have guessed! I still have people asking me if I ride horses around town, so just get ready to start answering that one now! #saynotocarrierpigeons