Growing Up: 21 Things I’m Still Working On

At 21, I’ve learned some really good lessons so far! But there are also a lot of things that are still uncertain, or that I simply don’t know. I’m workin’ on them; here are a few…

1. Going to bed early.

200                                    Image Source

I try so hard every night. It never happens. 2016 maybe?

2. How to talk to people.

awkward-pics-17-1Image Source

I’m not going to say I am THE awkward penguin, but making conversation with someone can definitely stress me out.

3. What good wine is.

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They’re all delicious and heighten my hopes and dreams…Am I missing out on some big secret?

4. Laundry.

giphyImage Source

Let’s get real. Do I really have to separate my darks and my whites?

5. Why are there different kinds of forks at a nice meal?

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One is enough isn’t it??

6. What is stock and how do I do this thing called investing?

tmhnksImage Source

Thank god I learned Hot Cross Buns on the recorder and how to locate a library book using the card catalogue system though…whew.

7. How to spend money on things that matter.

GW3GAjGImage Source

Should I buy those boots that I don’t need and look strikingly similar to ones I already have? LOL probably.

Which brings me to my next point…

8. How to save money.

anigif_enhanced-buzz-8414-1369080272-6Image Source

Is there maybe a formula someone could give me? That’d be great.

9. How to say no.

at_a_loss_for_words_obamaImage Source

This is a hard one for me. What can I say; I’m a people pleaser.

10. What my political viewpoint is yet.

giphy-2Image Source

Growing up in a lower middle class family, and then being taught and molded by (mostly) wealthy business professors tends to pull you in opposite directions…

11. Who I am.

tumblr_mkji8l7RVO1rey1a0o1_500-1                                         Image Source

Ok. I know this may sound a little cheesy, but I really don’t know all there is to know about myself yet. What makes me tick? What stresses me out most? What kind of ice cream is my favorite??

12. How to be flexible.

tumblr_mwq8wgr8AL1spwfwfo1_500Image Source

Nuff’ said Lorelai.

13. What my strengths/weaknesses are.

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You can’t really Google this one yet…

14. How I have become so much like my parents in so many ways??

whidImage Source

Seriously tho. How did this happen?

15. To love the parts of myself that no one claps for.

tumblr_lzg8d6R7SW1r0lm5kImage Source

Still learning this one.

16. Taxes.

lkrwtfImage Source

How do I even…?

17. How to stay positive and look for the good.

200-4Image Source

This line made me rethink my entire existence.

18. Accepting disappointment.

welpImage Source

Disappointment is such an uncomfortable feeling for me; I often let it get in the way of my moving forward.

19. Letting go of control.

Monica-Geller-I-Tell-You-What-To-DoImage Source

Let’s just say Monica from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. is basically my spirit animal.

20. Putting myself first.

giphy-3Image Source

People pleasers generally struggle with this.

21. Eating Well.

giphy-4Image Source

Kit Kats and ice cream are wonders of this world and why can I not eat them all the time?!!

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People Who Shouldn’t Buy the Apple Watch

One of the tech and fashion world’s hottest topics right now is the Apple Watch. April 24th will bring back a style that has been forgotten with the use of clocks on all of our technology. The Apple Watch, due to its price and the appeal of the company, should appeal to a lot of early adopters and innovators, generally the people that Apple targets.

But there are people that should never, ever, own one. I’ve compiled a list of those people:

People Who Religiously Break Their Phones

Broken Apple iPhoneI’ll bet several friends in your network religiously break their phones. You probably wonder how they manage to do so, or more likely, how they can afford to get the iPhone 6 a hundred times. Or it gets lost, stolen, dropped into the toilet, run over, hacked, cracked, chipped, or thrown. This all happens with a device that can be stored in the pocket. And now they want to put a device that’s out in the open? These people should be given a line they can’t cross at the store. They couldn’t touch the display case without cracking it.

Helpful broken phone tips can be found here.


Shouldn't Own Apple WatchIn total, I have personally spent days of my life explaining to an older generation how to click on folders, what a virus is, or the reason behind constantly renaming folders is a 30-second double-click rate. Sound familiar? I hate to pick on your favorite people. Let’s face it, grandparents are the coolest people in the family. They gave you candy when parents wouldn’t, helped you realize the way things really are, and tell the longest stories ever. However, you will be approaching 65 years old after you’ve given the last piece of advice on the Apple Watch to granny. Besides, the last thing they should be doing is reminding themselves of how quickly time is going by. They should be saving their money: you’re their favorite grandchild, right?

For info you’ll need to train your grandparents, click here.

Anyone Younger than 18

young girlThere are parents that are thinking about whether their child would want an Apple Watch for Christmas this year. All of those children would probably love to take it to show and tell. Those parents should be asking if they’re ready for their child to be grounded all next year due to slipping grades. The Apple Watch is meant to give notification of upcoming meetings, incoming text messages, etc. In other words, rather than paying attention in school, they’re going to be checking Facebook updates. And I’m sure eventually there will be games. Parents: give your kid a chance.

If you can’t resist your kid just losing their minds on Christmas, buy the Apple Watch.

Phony Techies

Phonie TechieThere are people who have no clue what they’re talking about, but they’ll purchase all the new gear and tell everyone about its features and how cool it is. What they won’t tell you is how they know so much about the product they bought or where their information came from. The information probably doesn’t exist.

I didn’t provide a link for Phony Techies. The Apple Watch will scratch when their arm comes down on their cellphone belts.


Written By: Austin Walker

What Even are Owls?

I don't think I want these tickles

Here you will see that owls have many uses and functions, leaving us to wonder: what even are owls?

Owls are students, eager to learn. But it seems this one has walked into the wrong class.

Wait... this isn't my class...

Owls are an excellent way to end a debate.


Owls are polite.

polite owl

They also happen to function as wrenches.


They are avid fans of hide-and-seek.


Owls are great dancers.


Owls are mechanics

mechanic owl

Owls are adorable, snuggly balls of fluff and feather.

daww look at him

 Just look at that face.

25 Random Tips That Make Life Easier

25 Random Tips That Make Life Easier

1) Going to the game? Well this might come in handy….




3) Answers everyone’s questions about doing laundry


4) Starbucks Lovers: YOU ARE WELCOME!


5) Liar Liar Pants On Fire


6) Getting a tat? Keep this in mind….


7) Here’s a quick 41 ways to save some greenbacks


8) For the morning haters….


9) Coffee just rocks….


10) Sunday Funday


11) Ah… I work out


 12) Mastering those horrible winter driving conditions


13) Upcoming job interview? Go kill it….


14)  Clean up, clean up, everybody, everywhere


15) Beat that end-of-semester anxiety


16) So when’s the best time to buy?

best deals

17) Fruit Seasons!

fruit season

18) Red solo cup, I fill you up, let’s have a party!!


19) Happy Birthday!


20) That’s pretty nifty….


21) The cheaper the airfare the better!


22) For the men: Tie a Tie


23) For the women: Backless dress


24) Order Up!


25) Long Road Trips.