The 5 Best Western Montana Hot Sauces!

I was raised with the belief that it’s not hot unless it makes you sweat. And as a lover of spicy foods, I have compiled my top 5 favorite hot sauces made right here in Montana.

#5. Scorpion Pineapple – Arthur Wayne Hot Sauce, Missoula, Montana


This sauce is just what it sounds like, searing hot Moruga Scorpion peppers and the sweet taste of pineapple go together well with all types of foods. I typically pair this with pizza and other Italian foods, along with Asian foods.

#4. Habanero Chipotle Sauce – El Topo, Big Fork, Montana


The great taste of the habanero and chipotle peppers without an overwhelming heat pairs best with Mexican and Spanish food.

#3. Spicy Tomatillo –  Arthur Wayne Hot Sauce, Missoula, Montana


This green sauce from the tomatillo pepper is light on heat but brings a great amount of flavor to enhance the taste of a variety of foods. I typically use this to give some flavor to enchiladas, ramen, and all kinds of meats when I’m light on seasoning ideas.

#2. Montana Rooster Sauce – Arthur Wayne Hot Sauce, Missoula, Montana


This sauce is a take on Sirracha that will blow your mind. It carries a fuller flavor with more heat that takes the typical sauce to a new level. If you like Sirracha, I would strongly suggest trying this one out.

#1. Haba Haba “Dime” Sauce – Arthur Wayne Hot Sauce, Missoula, Montana


By far the most versatile sauce on the list, it is my go-to for almost everything. Great for breakfast, lunch and dinner I use this sauce on Omelets, casseroles, potatoes, pasta, pizza, Mexican, Chinese. You name it, it’ll pair well with it.

*Honorable Mentions:

Rooks Hot Sauce, Missoula, Montana

This sauce has a unique flavor that is difficult to describe, unless you are already familiar with the ghost pepper, pairs well with several types of food, but is light on heat.

Huckleberry Ghost – Arthur Wayne Hot Sauce, Missoula, Montana

This sauce has a very sweet taste from the Treasure State huckleberries, but will melt your face off with the scorching heat of the ghost pepper. This sauce is certainly not for everyone but it does have incredible flavor. I use it sparingly for dips to add a touch of sweet flaming goodness.

El Topo

Arthur Wayne Hot Sauce

Rooks Hot Sauce