10 Life lessons Friends taught us


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    1. How to Make a Proper Entrance: Whether you are moving into a new place, entering a big party, or returning home to your parents’ house you should always make a memorable entrance. Maybe not as extravagant as riding a greyhound sculpture into an apartment, but maybe a beagle or something.How_To_Make_An_Entrance
    2. Dress to Impress Your Guests: It can be a friendly get together or a big family holiday dinner whatever it is you should bring you’re A apparel game! Remember accessories are key especially ones that accentuate the giant turkey on your head.Monica wearing a turkey
    3. Don’t Let Your Haters Get You Down: When someone is down on you for any reason or you are down on yourself because of someone else you just need to do this motion and forgetaboutit! Go see your Friends at the coffee shop and get the downers off your mind.Not_To_Care
    4. Knowing a Foreign Language is an Impressive Skill: Many employers in this age seek a candidate who knows at least a second language. So get a great language tutor like Pheobe and kill that audition.How_To_Speak_French
    5. A Great Football Strategy: For all you athletes out there, you have teammates out there with you so use them to your advantage against a strong opponent. And if that doesn’t work just flash them. This is usually only acceptable in an informal game with Friends, not so much in official competitions.Win_At_Sports
    6. Know your competition: If you are playing against someone use your knowledge of them to your advantage. If they have a tendency to overlook certain details, then win around those details, at least it will end up reminding them of something important such as dry cleaning.Coin_Flip
    7. Get some of that ever important self-confidence: If you are a bigger or smaller than most, then own that look and be happy with who you are. Joey is an actor and he knows what is worth is, why shouldn’t you?Be_Confident
    8. Once you get that self-confidence you are going to attract a lot dates: And you are going to need to develop some new “moves” when things progress back to your place. Being obvious and straight forward about your excitement has to be the most attractive way to initiate things. Even if it is with one of your Friends that is part of a prank to get you to admit you are secretly dating someone else in the friend group.Come_Here
    9. The proper fake surprised reaction: You love surprises but you hate the anticipation of finding them out, so you do some professional spying and figure out the secret. But now when it is intentionally revealed to you it would be wrong to let them know that you found out. So when you find out the secret, like that two Friends are now dating, this reaction will certainly sell that you are still oblivious to the fact.How_To_Act_Surprised
    10. The way to make your significant other feel loved: When you finally find the “One” the best way to explain your love is the famous lobster theory. They will know that you two will be together into old age holding claws *cough* hands. They will forever be your lobster.Lobster_Theory_PT_1Lobster_Theory_PT_3Lobster_Theory_PT_2One final thought: Just remember who they were. So no matter what you think of someone and their past you shouldn’t write them off, because they could become one of your best Friends or more.Final_Thought

Sam Johnson is a senior in the School of Business at the University of Montana. Graduating in December 2015 with a double major in Marketing and International Business and a minor in Russian Studies.



Top 10 Montana Wedding Trends of 2015

Are you in need of some inspiration for you rustic-themed wedding? The state of Montana has long been known for its authentic, rustic charm. Through my experience in the Montana wedding industry in the last year, I have identified the top 10 wedding decoration trends of 2015.

1. Chalkboard Signs

          chalkboard sign

These hand-made chalkboard signs add a great element of intimacy with guests. The fact that you went to the trouble of hand writing messages for your guests shows personal investment in the project which creates a sense of closeness. The fact that you can dress up the board with re-purposed photo frames also adds a fabulous, personalizable, rustic design element!

2. Antler Flower Arrangements

Antler Arrangement

Honestly, what’s more rustic than a set of antlers? Grooms love this trend because it adds an element of masculinity into the flower arrangements that are featured in the reception area. And as if that wasn’t great enough, you don’t even need to feel bad about using the antlers of living animals. Antlers are shed annually by the animals that create them, so there’s no harm done!

3. Naked Cakes

Naked Cake

With the exposed cake translating earthy tones (and less calories), a naked cake is a beautiful statement piece in a rustic setting. My personal favorite thing about the naked cake trend is that you can dress it up or down with different fruit based on the color scheme that you choose for your wedding. It’s delicious and diet-friendly!

4. Re-Purposed Bar Signs

Re-Purposed Bar Sign

This trend is a perfect example of a project that will translate beautifully from your wedding day to everyday life. They’re simple to make, and hold a great atmospheric presence in a wedding venue. The best part? It’s also perfect to include in your bar space at home once the wedding is over!

5. Sparklers



Can you imagine a more beautiful send-off once the sun goes down? The soft light that the sparklers give off is very flattering, and stimulates a fun atmosphere. This is a great trend because it is something that everyone involved with the wedding can be a part of, kids and adults alike. They’re safe, interactive, and best of all, CHEAP.

6. Reclaimed Wood Bars

Reclaimed Wood Bars


Want to make a statement that also supports the environment? If so, this is the perfect way to go! Reclaimed wood is a cost effective option that produces the perfect rustic look. The fact that the wood is mis-matched is really charming and does a great job of making the project even easier! This is another element that can be either dressed up or dressed down to match the formality of your wedding venue.

7. Rustic Arbors

Rustic Arbor


With this trend, there is no need to push your budget to rent an arbor for your venue. These arbors are made from discarded branches from trees which are put together to create a really cool and  innovative design for an arbor. Since the charm in this project is imperfection, it’s really low-stress. All you need to do for this is go to your local wooded areas and get to work!


8. Muted Color Scheme

Muted Color Scheme

With the earthy tones and soft design elements that influence every rustic wedding, these muted tones of pink, purple, and blue are a perfect compliment. The colors bring about feelings of many things, some of which include femininity, purity, intimacy, and professionalism.

9. Pops of Deep Red

Deep Red Flowers

As you have read, there has been a movement in the rustic wedding scene to have a muted color scheme. Pairing this with the fact that brides sport pristine, white dresses, a pop of deep red is a perfectly captivating element that makes a statement. Since the connotations connected with a deep shade of red are passion and intimacy, your love for your spouse will be translated beautifully in a feature piece. (This trend can also be used in things like arbors, place cards, and drinks.)

10. Ranch-Style Barns


What kind of Rustic wedding would be complete without a big, beautiful barn to use as either a ceremony spot or reception venue? There has been a huge movement recently to hold rustic weddings at guest ranches that feature renovated barns that have been standing for 100 years, which have been perfectly tailored into a rustic wedding haven. Some Montana guest ranches to check out would be Paws Up,the Z5 Guest Ranch, and the Ranch at Rock Creek.


Well, there you have it! I hope that you not only enjoyed this post, but I hope that it also offered you some help in creating your perfect rustic wedding! Feel free to share this post and the ideas given with your friends! Thanks for reading!


Elizabeth Sicheri is a senior in the business school at the University of Montana. She hopes to complete her degree in the next year with a double major in International Business and Marketing as well as a double minor in Communications and French.

4 habits that shorten your life!

"The angry baby's fist"

"The angry baby's fist"

For many people, happiness is the ultimate goal of their existence whereas for some others is considered to be an elusive success. But why it’s so hard for us to get rid of negative thoughts that might keep us back, preventing us from developing further our inner skills?

Through this short article we will attempt to figure out which are the 4 primary bad habits which contribute negatively to our mentality getting us older faster than anything else.

Live according to others’ indications
“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”
Bernard M. Baruch, American philanthropist

Parents, friends, colleagues and other favourite or not persons, directly or indirectly, pressure or push you to comply to or follow a specific way of thinking, behaving and making decisions. That does not mean that these people hate you. They just have different expectations for you and try to give advice by indicating you what’s right and what’s wrong. You should take into serious consideration that you are the only one who has the authority to indicate what action you will take in any situation you get involved. If these people really care for you then, they will accept and respect your choices without questioning or dissuading you.

Resist to change
“Only the wisest and stupidest of men never change.”
Confucius, Chinese philosopher

Changes occur every day in your ordinary life affecting you in various ways. Changes, for instance in the workplace, are often irrevocable and in case you decide to resist, your life will get tougher and at some point unmanageable. The best possible way to accept smoothly all these changes is to be fearless towards them and stay flexible adapting your life accordingly. Keep in mind that there will be changes that will surprise you; others that will make you feel mixed emotions and a lot more which will have a positive impact on you. It goes without question, be open to changes.

Judge people
“We can never judge the lives of others, because each person knows only their own pain and renunciation.”
Paulo Coelho, Brazilian novelist

As human beings we have the predisposition to criticize behaviours, situations and people themselves. Nobody is perfect and you know that. It’s worth trying to focus on how to improve your weaknesses as these efforts will distinguish you as a person and personality towards the others. Having that in mind you will stop judging other people’s lives, behaviours or achievements and aim on the goals that really matter for you.

Blame yourself for every personal failure
“The first rule is to keep an untroubled spirit. The second is to look things in the face and know them for what they are.”
Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor

Successes and failures are part of our lives. We succeed or fail when we sit for an exam at the school or university, when we submit a project or research to a professor or employer, when we nurture our children and a lot more examples. Do not blame yourself for mistakes you’ve done in the past or failures you’ve been through and not overthink of them because you will probably end up wasting your brain power and energy on underestimating your capabilities and hurting yourself.

Stalking Elk, Slaying Trout, That’s what Montana’s All About! Check out these Incredible Pictures/Video!


Stephan Ferry is a photographer, editor and videographer specializing in news and documentary photography, film, and new media production.  Using his background in business, especially in the recreation industry and outdoor media market, he is ready to tackle any assignment with professionalism and finesse. He goes to the places most people wont to capture that perfect shot. Check him out at StephanFerry.com.

Here are some other epic shots from the day.


Insane GoPro Shot of a beautiful trout on a fly

Glacier National Park

Mission Mountains

South of Flathead River

And some other amazing shots of Stephan Ferry Photography.

Sf1Osprey Slay’s a trout! SF2Glacier National Park SF3Wild Buffalo st4Hawk In flight SF5Stephan Ferry The Man, The Myth, The Legend SF6Fly Fishing SF7What Moon Over The Flathead   SF8Frost on Barbed Wire SF9A Missoula, Montana  SunsetSF10Glacier National Park and a Goat.SF11Fly Fishing Stephan Ferry SF14Hawaii Sunset SF16Glacier National Park SF17Abandon Barn Montana SF18Washington Grizzle Stadium

SF20 Horse Horse Love



We will let Stephan Ferry’s edit last week speak for itself.


Unbelievably Raw And Inspiring

This is my best friend Zach Krueger.

He is a kind, loving and compassionate family man.




He has the ability to light up a whole room with his contagious personality, smile and laughter.

University of Montana

He also loves to play dress up with princesses.

So why am I writing this? I guess you could say its my tribute. My best friend Zach chose to end his life 2 weeks ago. It shocked his masses of friends and family. Zach was a 22 year old student former student of The University Of Montana. He was so gifted and truly a beautiful person from the inside out. It sounded like a terrible joke as the news was broke to me by his roommate and other best friend Jack Gagnon who found him that morning. Especially because I was with both of them earlier that night it was unfathomable.  In 2010 the AFSP stated there was 38,364 suicides reported, making suicide the 10th leading cause of death for Americans. Suicide is complicated, and I have learned it leaves us with many questions unanswered. Often, we never learn exactly why our loved one took their life. But though opening yourself to help, your may find sharing your way through this tragedy we build support systems to help you go on living your life, and could prevent other tragedies.

Sometimes the hardest thing in life is to ask for help. To confess to the people around you the things you may not even want to admit to yourself. We all try to compartmentalize our fears and anxieties in some way or another, positively or negatively to avoid pain or disappointment, I know I do. Its impossible to deal with conflicting values, cognition, emotions, beliefs, etc alone with your one perspective. I mean how could you possibly understand the great symphony of the universe when we are simply one note. The strange thing about our defense mechanisms are they don’t actually help us cope and work through our problems in the long term. That requires open and honest communication. It sounds so simple but with evolving pressures of our society  on our performance, looks, wealth, etc. How can any logical person deal with a world that operates in grey and dark areas everyday. I wanted to share my experience to maybe help others, to encourage people to communicate true feelings to the ones around you, in all your relationships. Because you never know when you may have to receive the news I did. Then realizing truly how special that person was, and hoping you could have done more. Much unhappiness has come into the world because of bewilderment and things left unsaid. Say how you feel, do it often and seek help when the weight of the world drops you to your knees.

He would light up the room with that big goofy smile. Share all he had if he could just stay a while.
It seamed he had no worries and lived in his dreams. But to find out there was a lot of confusion in between.
It hurts me to wonder if I could have done more? A few more talks about life as we cried on floor.
But It couldn’t stop what I believe took him in the end. The doses of venom he drank killed my friend.
So I know at the end of the day he will always be that bright light. That goony laughter and happiness he brought to all our lives. Lived to short but lived it like Peter Pan, and Ill see you one day my brother, in Neverland.
RIP Zach Krueger