Everyone and their dog loves March Madness!

It’s March, so that means the sports world is fixated on college basketball. Some make it a priority to get school or work off to catch the games.┬áMost fans fill out brackets. But not many love the game so much that they force it onto the family dog.

jordie2This is Jordie. I always knew she was into basketball as much as the next dog, so I helped her fill out her own bracket. To make the picks a little easier, I put treats next to each team for each match-up this postseason. The treat she ate first would indicate which team she was choosing. That way she could finally communicate to me what jersey she wanted to wear during the Final Four.

Here is her bracket.


I entered her into the bracket pool along with all my buddies. If Weber St. can work some magic, Jordie is gonna get a new bone.

Here’s the video of her championship pick