Say Productive again…. I dare you. I double dare you…

The traditional view of productivity that has been pounded into your head is so wrong.

You’re almost never “traditionally” productive. So stop freaking out. Honestly it sucks seeing how stressed people get about their work, even when they love it. Your real productivity will never be quantifiable in the “output over hours worked” model that businesses use. That has nothing to do with personal productivity! There is so much more to you being productive that whatever tangible output you accomplished today.

Do you find yourself dismayed when you have an idea, but can’t seem to put extra structure to it upon reflection? It’s a relatable feeling. We all want to see our ideas come to fruition, and are almost always willing to put in extra work. But even if you can’t… why are you upset? You had an IDEA! Do you understand how fucking cool that is? That’s abstract thought. That’s peak terrestrial consciousness. You came up with an electrical impulse that fucking meant something? WHAT? Just now thinking about how cool thoughts are my mind is being blown, and at one point you came up with one that had NEVER been thought before? You quite literally, momentarily, rival Einstein at that time. I want to be a writer, a philosopher, a marketer, a politician, a diplomat, an actor, a musician, and a whole host of other things. You want to know how many ideas I have a day? Like, good, content driving, possibly inspirational ideas? Two on a good day. And most of the time they are: what if I gave this character the ability to time travel, or should I write a blog about having ideas, or hot damn what if I put feta cheese on this pizza? Every once in awhile I hit gold though: one time I thought a short story about a species with four arms would be cool. Now I am working on creating a fictional Universe about an Earth-Like planet and a bunch of other weird stuff. That is how ideas work! Write them down! Think about them more than once! It really doesn’t matter at all if you can further anything about it right now, that idea was the most integral part of your soon to be creative process!

Want to really, really know why you’re almost never “traditionally” productive? You’re a living being! I don’t mean you engage in destructive habits to avoid productivity, you just have to spend most of your productivity being a person! Eating, sleeping, loving, showing, hiding, pooping, crying, aging, growing, eating again, you’re most important productive times occur when they are strictly for you. Without that, the rest of the shit doesn’t matter!

I do have some advice in terms of being productive, because I’m sure you didn’t click this to hear some hippie tell you that work isn’t the most important thing in life. I am and it’s not, but that’s not my point here. If you want some tangible advice, I have a few quick tips for you:

1. Eat slightly more than enough food on a day you hope to be productive. Just do it.

2. Find a flow process. There are an infinite number of structures out there, but only a few will work, but one will work wonders. How do you find it? Trial and error. Then perfect it. You will know once you’ve found it because holy shit all of a sudden you produced so much stuff and didn’t realize it was happening, how did you do that? Because you found out how you work, silly.

3. It’s impossible to be productive when your emotions aren’t playing the same game as you. Have a nice long talk with them. Go to a movie together. Eat some chocolate. It’s not about being happy, or content, it’s about being able to let yourself create or do.

4. Procrastinate. This might not make a lot of sense, but have you ever noticed you can, for some reason, write a seven page paper in an hour if its due the next day? That’s still productivity! I’m not saying you should procrastinate everything. In fact, it’s still best if you don’t. But it happens sometimes! So utilize that panic mode to get shit done!

5. Write so much down. Even one phrase notes about stupid ideas you had. They might be usable at some point.

6. Don’t listen to me. Like I said, I had an idea and rolled with it. It seems right to me, and damn I seem witty in this blog, but we are all different. I have no clue how you work, and for all you know I’m crazy.

There you have it. You’re doing fine. If you are feeling anxiety set in because things aren’t progressing as you saw them in your head, try to breathe, because you seriously crush it 24/7. 90% of your life grade comes from eating healthy and sleeping. I personally am proud of myself every time I cook breakfast. Because I know for a year it was coffee and cigarettes. Guess who got nothing done back then? *Points thumbs at self* this guy.

Stephen is a student at the University of Montana. He can’t come to the phone right now, please leave a message after the *beep*.

Memes to the Rescue or: 7+ Cat Memes, Funny eCards and Epic Fails to Turn a Sh**ty Day Around.

Let’s face it…life is hard. Some days are great, some are just OK and some days are just plain awful. For whatever reason, there are days during our lives that are harder, more stressful, unbearably sad or completely maddening. But don’t despair, dear readers, for there is hope. We have within our grasp a powerful tool that, in the right hands, can obliterate even the most terrible mood. That tool … is the internet.

Forged in the fires of D.A.R.P.A., the internet is a mysterious land, teeming with the forces of good and evil. I have always believed in the mood-transforming powers of the internet, but cyberspace is vast and filled with countless villains who seem bent on making your bad mood even worse. I have always tried to fight these villains and harness the powers of internet for the forces of good.

In honor of that lofty goal, I’ve taken it upon myself to create one blog post to change those “meh” moments into “yay” moments. One blog post to turn to when the Facebook NewsFeed is bringing you down. One blog post that can shine a light when it seems all other lights have gone out.

Memes can take many forms, but I find that video tends to be the most powerful. So here are just a few funny or inspiring memes and videos culled from many corners of cyberspace collected into one post.

One post…to rule them all.


Humans Are Pretty Great, After All!

It can be easy to get down on your fellow humans, especially if you spend time with them, but this video will definitely remind you that people can be pretty awesome too!

Epic Fails

I have most definitely tripped and fallen in front of large groups of people while checking out my reflection while passing a window.  In the spirit of commiseration, here is a collection of totally epic fails that remind us that we are, in fact, all human.

Cute Puppies

I don’t think cute puppies need much explaining, but in case you need a little bit of inspiration, there is something incredibly rejuvenating about watching little fuzzy balls of cuteness try to figure out a door.

Funny Cat Videos (of course)

I’m pretty sure the internet was invented to facilitate the sharing of cat videos…


I need to see a funny eCard on a daily – sometimes hourly – basis.  Here are a few of my favorites. awesome drinkingecard fbecards my-first-instinct

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Post by Chris Jambor, a senior at University of Montana’s School of Business Administration.