Pick Bahía when picking Mexico

This whole trip was done through Silver Shark Adventures out of Los Angeles, CA

It can be overwhelming when choosing where to go on vacation. Many choose Mexico because it’s warm, easy to get to and for their beautiful culture and cuisine. Not too many choose Bahía de Los Angeles though. This little town is located on the Baja California Sur and it’s pretty much a secret ocean safari.
One of the reasons why tourists don’t tend to travel to Bahía is because the only dependable way to get there is by car. Most will fly into LAX because TJ can be a little unpredictable but from LAX it is a 12-hour drive down to this desert oasis.
I think there is something to be said to vacationing where many choose not to. It feels untouched, more serine and like you’re apart of the place that you’re staying. On our first night, I had the beach all to myself and could just hear the waves crash against the shore. I couldn’t wait to go sleep so I could wake up and embark on our first boat ride.
We started our ocean safaris around 7 am to beat the heat and be able to see as much marine life as possible. We were all eager to see everything but we all also had the same goal in mind, to swim with the whale sharks.
There were definitely other headliners though along the way. I fell in love with the dolphins, they traveled in large pods and found the boat to be one of the most interesting things. Their love for the waves produced by the boat was unmatched.
I honestly couldn’t get enough of these guys. They were so playful and we even got in the water with them at one point. Once in the water, you could really hear how they communicate with each other using their echolocation
The water in Bahía was like glass on most days and felt like a warm pool when jumping in. Just some more reasons on why to choose Bahía.
We were on the boat for about 7-8 hours a day for 4 days. This might sound like a lot but it was perfect. We had lunch breaks and were able to jump into the sea anytime we got hot. It was a great way to all get to know each other since all of us girls were solo travelers.
*Please excuse the swearing, it was very exciting*
On the second day, we saw two huge fin whales. There were only 5 of us on a small boat so we were able to really get a sense of how enormous these whales are, coming in as the second-largest species on earth behind the blue whale.
We saw everything from sea life to birds, here are some blue-footed boobies! I wasn’t able to zoom in enough to see their feet but here’s a link from Nat Geo!
a handsome pelican!
This is Norma, we saw her a handful of times. She’s currently the largest whale shake in the Sea of Cortez and in my option, the sweetest. She’s 38 feet long and I was lucky enough to swim with her one day for around 20 minutes!
Here you’re able to get a sense to just how large these creatures are when you’re swimming next to them.
Exactly what the doctor ordered after a long day on the boat. We stayed at a hotel on the ocean that was stacked with more of Mexico’s finest.
One of the best parts was simply waking up. All four mornings I had the beach to myself and was able to soak in the sunrise. I even saw some of the hotel owner’s dog fishing for their breakfast while the tide was low.

Trump wins! Mexico agrees to unique deal with America to pay for “The Wall”

After an unexpected phone call with the president of Mexico over the weekend, POTUS Donald Trump claimed victory once again in his quest to make America great again by coming to an agreement that benefits both countries.  “The Wall” as it is commonly known, will be constructed and financed by Mexican citizens seeking to enter a country that isn’t great yet, but promised to be so soon.


The terms of the agreement include Trump using American labor and American steel to create a casino wall lined with slot machines.  Those seeking to enter will have to “play to stay,” using slot machines constructed using American steel from one of Trump’s companies, commissioned by Trump himself.  Alistair Bernhard, a former student of Trump University and currently on visa from England, had this to say about the arrangement: “Gambling is great.  I love gambling.  The chance to gamble for citizenship in this soon to be great country is what everyone should dream of.  He’s getting rid of accessible healthcare for everyone.  Do you know how annoying it is to be given affordable healthcare and never use it?  Anyway, the real threat is on the Canadian border.  We should build a wall there.  They have affordable healthcare, and we know how bad that is for a country.”


The decision to use Trump’s branded casinos comes with a bit of confusion, however.  In line with his rule to dismantle two regulations for every one created, he has decided to dismantle two that he created.  Trump will be removing the visa application process and removing the current ban on several Muslim countries, so that anyone visiting “The Wall” can use his slot machines.  He expressed his excitement for the ensuing construction with this statement, “The Wall is going to be great.  It’s going to be so great that Americans are going to want to see how great it is.  It’s going to be built so greatly you’re going to want to see how great it looks like on Mexico’s side.”


We already want to be on the other side, Donald.