Morning or Night Showers: Which Side Are You On?

Is it better to shower in the morning or night?

Personally, I like to shower at night. To rinse off the grime of the day before going to bed. Though regardless of which side you or I am on, we are probably convinced that our way is the best way – and that everyone else is completely crazy for their bathing hour choice.

Morning Shower Benefits

1. It’s a good way to wake up

First off a morning shower helps wake you up. Turns out that morning showers can make you more alert. Jump-starting your body for for the day ahead.

2. It can help your skin

If you, by any chance have oily skin, showering in the morning can help. Oil can build up during the night and showers are excellent at cleaning pores.

3. If you are a morning exerciser

If you are an early bird that works out in the morning, a shower beforehand can help warm up your muscles. Additionally, it can help reduce and stiffness caused by sleep. On a side note, you may also need to take a shower afterwards – to wash off the sweat from your workout routine.

Benefits of Night Showers

1. It can help you sleep

I know, it sounds completely contradictory from morning shower benefits of waking you up. Though if you time it right, doing this can aid your body’s natural ‘powering down’ process – which involves a change in body temperature.

2. It rids your body or germs

During the day you pick up a lot of grime. If you are particularly active though the day, say a manual labor job, or if you work in an environment that is particularly germy, it’s probably best to take a shower. Even if you have an office job you still pick up germs throughout the day from going to the bathroom, other people, transporting to and from work, etc.

3. It keeps you sheets cleaner

Not really a benefit for your body but if you have a tendency of rarely ¬†washing your sheets, you keep them a little bit cleaner by showering at night. But if you wash your sheet regularly, well don’t ruin them by putting your day-old body in them.

Unfortunately, the advantages are spread pretty evenly between morning and night showers. So to conclude, when it comes to showering do whatever you want, you do you. (But be honest: night showers are better. We all know that, right?)

About the Author

Anna Sedgley lives in Missoula, Montana, attending the University of Montana. She is studying Marketing and International Business as well as a Digital Marketing certificate at the School of Business. She is expected to graduate this May.