Your Complete Instagram Guide to Missoula, MT

In  today’s day in age, any experience (for the most part) is accompanied by sharing that experience on social media. Missoula, Montana is known for it’s beautiful rivers and mountain ranges, however, it is also considered the cultural center of Montana. With an eclectic downtown scene, distinctive dining and strong sense of community, Missoula has a lot to offer as far as experience, both on and offline.

As an Instagram enthusiast myself, and a believer in the #DoItForTheGram mentality, I am all about curating an aesthetic and a strong social media presence. So I present to you your complete Instagram Guide to Missoula, MT to help you navigate the most aesthetically pleasing AND high quality hot spots around town.

Coffee: Black Coffee Roasting Co. 

img_2902img_2903The winner as far as aesthetics and quality coffee in Missoula goes, is definitely Black Coffee Roasting Co. Not only do they provide organic, craft roasted coffee while operating with sustainability, but they’re ambience is seriously on point. With a hipster-chic vibe and insanely good lighting, this is definitely the spot to go if you want some good latte art on your feed.

Walk in the Park: Greenough Park


Greenough is a true gem, nestled just up the Rattlesnake and covering 42 acres, it is a peaceful place to go on a bike ride, run or, of course, go take photos. In the fall, Greenough is a paradise of colorful trees and crisp autumn air and a complete winter wonderland once the first snow occurs. It’s also just generally beautiful all year round, so if you want to go on a nice walk while taking amazing photos along the way, Greenough is the park for you.

Eats: Caffe Dolce



As you may be able to tell, I love a good #FoodPorn flatlay. Caffe Dolce is by far the best spot across the board for breakfast, brunch, lunch AND dinner. Not only taste-wise, but to get a gorgeous food pic with minimal effort. Since Caffe Dolce’s establishment is made up of mainly windows, the lighting will always be perfection. Not to mention their tables are the ideal background color and texture, which is essential for any successful flatlay. Oh yeah, and the food looks pretty good too.

On the Town: Plonk


As a grandma at heart, I’m no expert on the Missoula going out scene. However, I have to say that Plonk scores major points as far as experience, quality and Instagram-ability goes. The classy, big city atmosphere and gorgeous drink presentation are sure to elevate your feed into #InstagramGoals status.

Shopping: The Hip Strip + NOBO 



Missoula has an awesome local shopping scene. With an array of unique and high quality boutiques, it’s definitely worth exploring when you get the chance, specifically downtown on The Hip Strip and NOBO (aka North of Broadway.) These areas are abundant with quirky shops, gorgeous boutiques, great places to eat and lots of Insta-worthy alleys tucked away perfect for that #ootd!

screen-shot-2016-10-03-at-7-05-20-pm screen-shot-2016-10-03-at-7-02-28-pmscreen-shot-2016-10-03-at-7-09-10-pm

Something Sweet: Sweet Peaks Ice Cream


I know, I’m a true Big Dipper fan at heart too, however, there is no denying that Sweet Peaks brings it in the aesthetics department as well as well as their super unique ice cream flavors that make you go “huh, that sounds weird but also kind of good so I’ll try it.” If you want to capture a cool cone, venture over to Sweet Peaks. Don’t worry, it’s totally okay to cheat on Big Dipper every once in a while, especially if you get a good gram out of it.

Outside: The “M” Trail

img_2993img_2992 Now, I’ll admit I’ve only ever hiked the “M” in high school gym class, and once on a first date when a boy made me, and I was still in the “pretend to not be high maintenance phase” of the relationship. Needless to say, I don’t hike very much. But Missoula is the place for hikes, hiking and hikers so I had to include some kind of hike in this guide, to prevent getting Birkenstocks chucked at my head. All jokes aside the “M” trail is a beautiful hike, which is accessible to all levels of hiking ability and it takes a pretty damn good picture too, I must say.


I hope you enjoyed this Instagram Guide. Now you’re all set to go snap some #goals worthy IGs! But don’t forget to put down your phone to really appreciate the wonderful place that is Missoula, Montana. #Blessed, indeed (hate me yet?)


Do you have any favorite spots around Montana that didn’t make this list? Leave me a comment to let me know!


Photography by Michelle Dufflocq Williams, Aline Dufflocq Williams, McKenna Munden, Cloth & Crown, Betty’s Divine, Our Life Experiments and the University of Montana.

The 5 Best Western Montana Hot Sauces!

I was raised with the belief that it’s not hot unless it makes you sweat. And as a lover of spicy foods, I have compiled my top 5 favorite hot sauces made right here in Montana.

#5. Scorpion Pineapple – Arthur Wayne Hot Sauce, Missoula, Montana


This sauce is just what it sounds like, searing hot Moruga Scorpion peppers and the sweet taste of pineapple go together well with all types of foods. I typically pair this with pizza and other Italian foods, along with Asian foods.

#4. Habanero Chipotle Sauce – El Topo, Big Fork, Montana


The great taste of the habanero and chipotle peppers without an overwhelming heat pairs best with Mexican and Spanish food.

#3. Spicy Tomatillo –  Arthur Wayne Hot Sauce, Missoula, Montana


This green sauce from the tomatillo pepper is light on heat but brings a great amount of flavor to enhance the taste of a variety of foods. I typically use this to give some flavor to enchiladas, ramen, and all kinds of meats when I’m light on seasoning ideas.

#2. Montana Rooster Sauce – Arthur Wayne Hot Sauce, Missoula, Montana


This sauce is a take on Sirracha that will blow your mind. It carries a fuller flavor with more heat that takes the typical sauce to a new level. If you like Sirracha, I would strongly suggest trying this one out.

#1. Haba Haba “Dime” Sauce – Arthur Wayne Hot Sauce, Missoula, Montana


By far the most versatile sauce on the list, it is my go-to for almost everything. Great for breakfast, lunch and dinner I use this sauce on Omelets, casseroles, potatoes, pasta, pizza, Mexican, Chinese. You name it, it’ll pair well with it.

*Honorable Mentions:

Rooks Hot Sauce, Missoula, Montana

This sauce has a unique flavor that is difficult to describe, unless you are already familiar with the ghost pepper, pairs well with several types of food, but is light on heat.

Huckleberry Ghost – Arthur Wayne Hot Sauce, Missoula, Montana

This sauce has a very sweet taste from the Treasure State huckleberries, but will melt your face off with the scorching heat of the ghost pepper. This sauce is certainly not for everyone but it does have incredible flavor. I use it sparingly for dips to add a touch of sweet flaming goodness.

El Topo

Arthur Wayne Hot Sauce

Rooks Hot Sauce