Can You Handle The Facts?


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Please Check Out


“Help us build sustainable communities for children in need.”



Learn more about The Red Road Foundation and their last jazz and sushi dining experience held to raise funds for their farm and safe home project in Cambodia.


The amazing sushi dinner was catered and donated by Montana’s Best SaketoMe Sushi.

red25 The Vice President of The Red Road Foundation educates guests on the foundation’s progress and goals in Cambodia.


Amazing, fresh sashimi platter by, Montana’s best SaketoMe Sushi.


An event guest sharing her support and love for The Red Road Foundation.



Image board of the community being built in Cambodia labeled, “Help Us Color Their World”


Excited guests request a picture with the Vice President.

 red14Guests with Marci Jones, The Red Roads Foundations dazzling event coordinator.  red1

Guests are welcomed and served cocktails and appetizers.


Vice president and event coordinator share a happy moment for their success!

12 Gear Grinding Grievances Every UM Student has Encountered.

In the valley of Missoula there sits a school so courageous and undaunted that they could utter one earth-shattering phrase.. one phrase so revolutionary it is said to have been the start of the Revolutionary War itself.  The students of the UNIVERSity of Montana have spoken and they will not be silenced.  They have come to answer the age old question:


grinds my gears

12. GROUP ADVISING is the worst idea IN THE WORLD” -Emma B.


we feel ya Emma, we really do.  *tips hat

11.  THE DISTURBING SHORTAGE of British and/or Australian dudes at UM.  -Maddie C.

10. I BLAME THE SQUIRRELS. They’re always conspiring, PLOTTING EVIL ACTS. I heard the lockdown this winter was a COVER UP keeping us from realizing they had snatched up some sort of acorn EXPLOSIVE DEVICE. That’s probably the worst thing about UM in my opinion.   -Gavin H.

Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 1.05.11 PM

You know what really grinds my gears? 

9.  The other day I BROUGHT SOUP for lunch ASSUMING THERE WERE MICROWAVES in the UC and there WEREN’T.  So I was forced to eat COLD SOUP for lunch.  -Nora R.


The drama, the intrigue… the horror!  Ps. Nora, look downstairs in the market you might spot one. 

8. The university is considering cutting it’s East Asian studies minor when Montana State just added an EAS major. – Kelsie C.

Oh no! we may have to rely on MSU to order us our favorite Pad-Nam-Prig-Pao from Sa-Wad-Dee next year…


7.  Without fail, while on campus there will NEVER BE PEACE between the cyclists and the idle amblers.  This friction causes me extreme anxiety.  The cyclists go at ludicrous speeds and refuse to announce themselves.  The walkers are unpredictable and erratic— insistent upon weaving from left to right to span the entire width of the sidewalk, when approaching a flock of those who travel by foot they are adamant about walking four abreast.

Dearest pedestrians, calm the fuck down.  

Dearest Cyclists, announce yo self! 

       Example dialogue between commuters:

      Pedestrian: Who goes there? I’m going stay the course and not make any sudden movements.

      Cyclist: Well ahoy! I’m going to ride around you at a reasonable speed on the port side! 


You know what really grinds my gears? 

6. The people who only go to the library during FINALS WEEK.  Actually to add on that, the people who watch porn in the library and think no one is watching… Just because you’re in in the basement doesn’t mean it’s appropriate. -James B.

Two out of the three of these guys were looking at porn. No joke. See those tightly crossed legs?
Two out of the three of these guys were looking at porn. No joke. See those tightly crossed legs?

5. How are we supposed to learn about digital marketing if we don’t have internet in our classroom.  Also I agree with Gavin, those squirrels are up to no good.    – Jimbo J.

People always doubt Montanan’s have things like running water and electricity… Let’s prove them wrong.

4. “The LA building is a DREADFUL place in and of itself, but the most frustrating part is why would you put an elevator in the building if i’m not allowed to use it? Just to tease me?” -Lane H.

The answer in short: Yes.  Just to tease you.  You and only you, Lane.


You know what really grinds my gears? 

3. How about the fact that the sidewalks get more water than the grass?

y u no meme grass

University Y U NO FIX THIS?????

2.  The “EYES ONLY” sign placed in the UC Jungle.  Actually the jungle itself.  Why? Just Why? -Natasha L.


Signs are put up for a reason, someone’s got to tell us who tried to swing across the UC like Tarzan. 

1. Overzealous parking enforcement.  “Oh, you’ve been in that quick stop for twenty five minutes… $25 ticket and LIFE IN PRISON.   We’re also taking your family in for questioning.  One more infraction and it’ll cost you your first born.”



See what Grinds Peter’s Gears: You Know What Really Grinds My Gears? 

Stalking Elk, Slaying Trout, That’s what Montana’s All About! Check out these Incredible Pictures/Video!

Stephan Ferry is a photographer, editor and videographer specializing in news and documentary photography, film, and new media production.  Using his background in business, especially in the recreation industry and outdoor media market, he is ready to tackle any assignment with professionalism and finesse. He goes to the places most people wont to capture that perfect shot. Check him out at

Here are some other epic shots from the day.


Insane GoPro Shot of a beautiful trout on a fly

Glacier National Park

Mission Mountains

South of Flathead River

And some other amazing shots of Stephan Ferry Photography.

Sf1Osprey Slay’s a trout! SF2Glacier National Park SF3Wild Buffalo st4Hawk In flight SF5Stephan Ferry The Man, The Myth, The Legend SF6Fly Fishing SF7What Moon Over The Flathead   SF8Frost on Barbed Wire SF9A Missoula, Montana  SunsetSF10Glacier National Park and a Goat.SF11Fly Fishing Stephan Ferry SF14Hawaii Sunset SF16Glacier National Park SF17Abandon Barn Montana SF18Washington Grizzle Stadium

SF20 Horse Horse Love



We will let Stephan Ferry’s edit last week speak for itself.


Unbelievably Raw And Inspiring

This is my best friend Zach Krueger.

He is a kind, loving and compassionate family man.




He has the ability to light up a whole room with his contagious personality, smile and laughter.

University of Montana

He also loves to play dress up with princesses.

So why am I writing this? I guess you could say its my tribute. My best friend Zach chose to end his life 2 weeks ago. It shocked his masses of friends and family. Zach was a 22 year old student former student of The University Of Montana. He was so gifted and truly a beautiful person from the inside out. It sounded like a terrible joke as the news was broke to me by his roommate and other best friend Jack Gagnon who found him that morning. Especially because I was with both of them earlier that night it was unfathomable.  In 2010 the AFSP stated there was 38,364 suicides reported, making suicide the 10th leading cause of death for Americans. Suicide is complicated, and I have learned it leaves us with many questions unanswered. Often, we never learn exactly why our loved one took their life. But though opening yourself to help, your may find sharing your way through this tragedy we build support systems to help you go on living your life, and could prevent other tragedies.

Sometimes the hardest thing in life is to ask for help. To confess to the people around you the things you may not even want to admit to yourself. We all try to compartmentalize our fears and anxieties in some way or another, positively or negatively to avoid pain or disappointment, I know I do. Its impossible to deal with conflicting values, cognition, emotions, beliefs, etc alone with your one perspective. I mean how could you possibly understand the great symphony of the universe when we are simply one note. The strange thing about our defense mechanisms are they don’t actually help us cope and work through our problems in the long term. That requires open and honest communication. It sounds so simple but with evolving pressures of our society  on our performance, looks, wealth, etc. How can any logical person deal with a world that operates in grey and dark areas everyday. I wanted to share my experience to maybe help others, to encourage people to communicate true feelings to the ones around you, in all your relationships. Because you never know when you may have to receive the news I did. Then realizing truly how special that person was, and hoping you could have done more. Much unhappiness has come into the world because of bewilderment and things left unsaid. Say how you feel, do it often and seek help when the weight of the world drops you to your knees.

He would light up the room with that big goofy smile. Share all he had if he could just stay a while.
It seamed he had no worries and lived in his dreams. But to find out there was a lot of confusion in between.
It hurts me to wonder if I could have done more? A few more talks about life as we cried on floor.
But It couldn’t stop what I believe took him in the end. The doses of venom he drank killed my friend.
So I know at the end of the day he will always be that bright light. That goony laughter and happiness he brought to all our lives. Lived to short but lived it like Peter Pan, and Ill see you one day my brother, in Neverland.
RIP Zach Krueger