The 3 Best Menu Items in Missoula

If you’re not a fan of Sushi….. You may have come to wrong place.

Coming in at our #1 spot this week we have… THE AVOCADO BOMB from Kobe Seafood & Steakhouse.

The Sushi House – Wanderlust in the City

An edible masterpiece….. a blend of life’s best foods.

Avocado STUFFED with spicy tuna, mixed crab, FRIED, topped w/ eel sauce, sweet chili, and spring mix salad.

What’s not to love about this incredible creation? The avocado, tuna, and crab come together so perfectly in the fryer bringing this menu item to the #1 spot. It may not be traditional Japanese cuisine or considered healthy… but it’s still the best. For only $9.00 it is worth the price and one of Missoula’s best kept secrets.

Now for our number 2 spot don’t be surprised at another sushi item….

*drumroll*……… Yes ladies and gentleman you guessed it

THE MASSIVE ATTACK from Saketome in the heart of Missoula.

Sushi Ninjas - San Diego California - Food Smackdown

The Massive Attack: spicy crab. avocado. mango. neufchâtel. pankoed and fried. topped with: liger. sweet soy.

Now I may not know exactly what neufchâtel or liger is, but I’m pretty certain they taste amazing. I’ve liked sushi ever since I can remember and had some pretty interesting rolls in my life. But the fried roll holds a special place in my heart (tummy). Again, it’s probably not that healthy, but it’s TASTY.  And filling. for $14, it’s pretty worth it and one of the cheaper rolls on the menu. A safe bet for a ‘fusion’ restaurant with a very interesting menu.

Coming in at the # 3 spot on the foodblog today…. a staple, a necessity, and a menu item for the people. Surprisingly, no it is not more sushi.

ladies and gentleman….. THE SAUSAGE EGG & CHEESE from the University of Montana College of Business.

Sausage & Egg English Muffin Breakfast Sandwich

Priced at $2.75 (Cheaper than the golden arches) and hot n’ ready for the busy students of Missoula. Nothing hits like one of these bad boys at 8am when you’re too tired to cook for yourself. A quick and hearty classic meal that keeps the people going. If America runs on Dunkin, The U of M CoB runs on these babies.

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