The 5 Most Montanan Montanans

“Montana.  Even the name sounds rugged.”  Yes, Montana is a place of rugged lifestyles, here’s a our list of the most Montanan Montanans.  Enjoy!


  1. Brian Schweitzer

Not to make a political statement, but the former governor is pretty Montanan.  While in office he never vetoed a bill with a pen, in true Montana style, he used a hot branding iron.




  1. Dana Carvey

The actor that played Garth Algar in Wayne’s World, along with a litany of other roles, hails from the city of Missoula.   Party on, Garth!



  1. Evel Knievel

This guy has jumped over more things on his motorcycle than California has beaches.  And as would be expected in Montana from a celebrity of his stature, there is a festival in his honor every summer in his hometown of Butte.  The main event?  Drinking.



  1. Ted Kaczynski

If there is one thing Montanans love more than anything it’s isolationism.  Mr. Kaczynski had this in spades until the FBI came through his front door at full speed.



  1. Peggy Hill

Yes. That Peggy Hill. How many times have you won substitute teacher of the year, or a Boggle tournament?  Never.  Sure, she may live in Texas now, but she’s never forgotten her Montana roots. Proud and boisterous, she has Montana blood in her veins!