The Best Dessert Spots in Seattle

Whether you’re a Seattle native or a tourist driving through, at one point or another you’ll be in need of satisfying a sweet craving in the city. From Ballard to Capitol Hill, Seattle has a wide array of dessert options. Read below for the top 5 dessert spots in the Seattle area that everyone must know about.

#1 | Hello Robin
Macklesmore Ice Cream Sandwich

Say HELLO to the best ice cream cookie sandwich in Seattle, or quite possibly even ever. Located in Capitol Hill, Hello Robin serves freshly baked cookies in a dozen different flavors as well as Molly Moon’s Ice Cream. They are known for their ice cream sandwiches where you can choose any cookie and ice cream combination. It’s a very popular late night spot to grab a sandwich and go eat it at one of Seattle’s many scenic views!

#2 | Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery
Dark Decadence Molten Chocolate Cake with Carmel Drizzled Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

If you’re in search for a warm, gooey and rich chocolate cake then this is the place for you! Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery is an organic dessert restaurant that serves molten chocolate cakes, ice cream, cookies and milkshakes. Hot Cakes’ signature dessert is the Dark Decadence molten chocolate cake  and originally it was sold at a few farmers markets in the Seattle area which kickstarted the company. This cake consists of rich Theo Chocolate and dry burned caramel with a side of vanilla bean ice cream topped with nib toffee. They have 2 locations, one in Ballard and their larger location in Capitol Hill that is great for large groups.

#3 | Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream
Melted Chocolate Ice Cream

Molly Moons Homemade Ice Cream is a staple of Seattle. With 9 locations across Seattle and Bellevue, they offer a wide variety of flavors that represent the Pacific Northwest-  ten are on the menu year-round and four rotate seasonally. These flavors feature 100% local and organic ingredients folded into their ice cream which include Vegan Theo Chocolate, Honey Lavender and the Yeti. Their motto is “Ice Cream Makes You Happy”, so go try it for yourself to see if it truly does!

#4 | General Porpoise Doughnuts
General Porpoise Doughnuts- Seattle, WA

Doughnuts from General Porpoise are truly one of a kind and a necessity when you’re in Seattle. These doughnuts are made with fresh eggs and filled with seasonal jams, jellies, curds, custards and creams. You truly can’t go wrong with your order, but let me warn you you’ll never want any other kind of filled donut again. In addition to doughnuts, General Porpoise serves quality coffee from multiple local roasters.

#5| Dahlia Bakery
Dahlia Bakery, Downtown Seattle

Located in the heart of Downtown Seattle, Thomas Douglas’s bakery is infamous for its Triple Coconut Cream Pie.  It was the decadency that kickstarted the bakery which now serves many artesian breads and handmade pastries as well. The coconut cream pastry is wrapped in flaky pie crust

Triple Coconut Cream Pie Bites

custard style and topped with whipped cream, white chocolate shavings and toasted coconut flakes. In fact, the Triple Coconut Cream Pie is so good that even former President Barack Obama specifically requests it when he comes to town!