The Best Wearable Tech I Have Ever Used!

Over my lifetime, I have had many different types of wearable technologies, ranging from various versions of the apple watch and a Fitbit. Over the past few months, my mind changed to Whoop Strap 3.0, which is the best wearable tech for what it offers. The Whoop provides a sleek design and a comfortable band to pair it with; it’s so comfortable you don’t even notice that it is there most of the time.

The Whoop strap is a 24/7 wearable that tracks how well you sleep, recovery, and how much strain you put on your body from day to day activities.


At the beginning of the day, the Whoop Strap gives you a strain number based on your recovery store and tells you how much strain your body can handle that day.  Strain for the Whoop Strap ranges 0-21, and the higher your number gets, the more strain you are putting on your body.  A strain score is ensuring that you are not overtraining yourself in your daily workouts.

When you are restoring your body, it means that you are taking on less strain than your body is prepared to handle, and it can accelerate your recovery process.  Optimal Training is the perfect balance of pushing yourself but not overdoing it.  Overreaching is when you try to push your body past your optimal strain score, this can lead to fitness gains but can be more detrimental than helpful.








Recovery is probably the most important one of them all.  Recovery determines how prepared you are to take on strain. When you are in the green in the morning, this is a sign that your body is ready to put on a lot of strain and give it all you got.  When you are in yellow, it means that your body is not fully recovered but will still respond well to working out.  If you get a red recovery score, take it easy that day because your body might need more time to recovery, or you might risk injuring yourself.


Sleep is probably something everyone thinks they do well.  When I received my Whoop Strap, I felt that I would see that I was sleeping great, but that was not the case.  Sleep was horrible for me, and once I was made aware of it, I changed things that made my sleep better.  In the app, it gives a break down of what type of sleep you are getting in a night, awake, light, REM, Deep sleep. The two important ones are REM and Deep Sleep because that helps you recover from the previous day.  REM Sleep helps recover the might, so you are mentally prepared the next day.  Deep sleep, also known as (SWS) or slow-wave sleep, helps your muscles repair themselves from the day before.

These are just some of the things that lead me to buy it in the first place, that and countless athletes and many other people that were using them, and it made a positive impact on their lives.