Top 10 Reasons Why CrossFit Is Fad-tastic

1. Crossfit isn’t an exercise, it’s a class.


2. A Kipping pullup is not a pullup.


3. Crossfit does an fantastic job of teaching proper form, and how not to use it.

Arnold Crossfit

4. Facebook is the only place your results matter.

FB Facebook

5.There is nothing worse than a Crossfit couple.

Crossfit Couple

6.Eating like a caveman, the “Paleo” diet.


7.It’s just a group of like-minded people with a common goal…..(a cult)


8. If you’re a guy, plan on getting out-lifted by a girl.

Chick Lifting

9. The more you hurt yourself, the better.


10. Every new CrossFitter thinks their an expert when they get online.

Funny Kid