Top 5 Philadelphia Eagles of 2018

Calvin Koerber

5. Nick Foles

Super Bowl 52 MVP. That one sentence speaks volumes for what Nick Foles did for the Eagles just one year ago. Fast forward to 2018 and Foles still helped the team out tremendously over the course of the season. In the first 2 games of the season, Foles started for an injured Wentz and helped the team to a decent start at 1-1 including a Thursday night thriller in week 1 against the Atlanta Falcons. Fast forward to week 15. The Eagles are in rough shape with a ton of injuries and doubts against them. Carson Wentz was again ruled out with a back injury. Who saves the Eagles? Foles. The Eagles played the Los Angeles Rams in L.A. that week and Foles guided this team to a huge road win. The spark began and the Eagles went 3-0 in the last three games, which punched them a ticket to the playoffs including a playoff win against the Chicago Bears.

4. Michael Bennett

Is Michael Bennett wearing pads? Still unsure, but what is certain is that Bennett had a crazy good year in Seattle before joining the Eagle this season. He played lights out recording 9 sacks, 25 solo tackles, and a big voice in the locker room this season. This gave the Eagles a very deep front 7 to deal damage to offensive lines. The Eagles defensive front in 2017 was already one of the best in the league. This past offseason adding Bennett was a huge move and it payed off tremendously. Derek Barnett was a strong force on the Eagles defensive front at the beginning of the season, but because of injury he was sidelined which gave Bennett a huge opportunity which he fully took advantage of.

3. Brandon Brooks

The offensive line for the Birds is one of the most talented lines in the entire NFL. Brandon Brooks is one of the best offensive guards in the league and his performance this season proved that. Brooks started all 16 games this season. Brooks has also only given up 1 sack since 2016. He also held one of the longest game streaks without giving up a sack with 46 games. Brooks was also named to the 2018 Pro Bowl as only 3 Eagles were elected to go this season.

2. Fletcher Cox

Fletcher Cox played in all 16 games this year and was the staple of the Eagles defense. Most teams had to double team him in order to get any positive yards but even then that wouldn’t fully stop this beast. Not only did Cox have a tremendous season, he also opened up a lot of opportunities for everyone on the defense because of how much focus was on him every snap. Cox recorded 10.5 sacks, 33 solo tackles, and had 46 combined tackles. Cox earned a spot on the First Team All Pro list as well as a 2018 ProBowl nomination.

1. Zach Ertz

Zach Ertz was absolutely phenomenal this season. He was Carson Wentz’s go to on what seemed like every play when Wentz started. Ertz recorded 116 catches for 1,163 yards and 8 touchdowns. He broke several records including Jason Witten’s record for most catches for a tight end in a single season. Not only did Ertz break that record, but he also finished with the most receptions on the Eagles and finished 2nd in overall receptions in the entire league including Wide Receivers. Ertz had his best season yet in terms of numbers and finished with a 2018 ProBowl selection.

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  1. Cal,
    Amazing piece. Thank you for making a nice little article/summary about the Eagles season. Look forward to your next article. Fly Birds!!

  2. No Darren Sproles?! That dude is a human Judo Chop! Also you should rank the FCS players on the team drafted in the first two rounds!

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