Top 5 Places that I have visited

I have been fortunate enough to travel to many great places at a young age and I hope to do a little more in the future, but for now here are my top 5 places that I have been to!

  1. Italy

I had the chance to go to Italy with my dad for 10 days. In that time period we went to a couple different cities (Venice, Rome, Cinque Terre, and Florence) each city had its own uniqueness to it. Italy as a whole has a lot of culture, art and history to it which I thought was amazing. The food was really good as well. I would definitely recommend traveling to Italy if you haven’t  been before, but go for more than 10 days because there is so much to see.

2.  Hawaii

Next would be Hawaii, I have had the chance to visit Maui and Oahu (Honolulu). Both Islands were awesome. Both places have great beaches to swim and or go surfing at. Honolulu has Pearl Harbor which has a lot history as we all know and gives you chills at the same time. Something that I thought was interesting while we were at Pearl Harbor was that there were two Japanese destroyer war ships docked in the Harbor. They were there celebrating the anniversary of the battle of Midway. So it was weird to think about the history of what happened there and to also see those ships as well. Overall I thought that Hawaii was great, lots of sun and different things to do.

3 Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

I don’t think you can go wrong with Cabo as a college kid during spring break. There is a lot of stuff to do (fishing, swimming, para sailing, jet skiing, golfing, and maybe throwing a couple beers or more into the mix on the beach). Cabo also has some great night life as far as clubs and restaurants go. The view of the ocean, the arch (in this picture),and the weather is amazing.

4. Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is a great sports town even if your not a fan of Boston sports ( I am not, Go Steelers) the people are very passionate about their sports teams which, being a sports fan myself I think its awesome. The city itself is just cool, it has a mix of history for example the old narrow cobble stone streets and then you have modern day skyscrapers which gives the city a great atmosphere. The peoples accents are pretty cool too.

5. Los Angeles, California

Finally, Los Angeles has a lot of things to do and or see like the Hollywood sign, Disneyland, Universal Studios, sporting events, concerts, the beach among other things.  The food is good, there is a lot of great restaurants. One of my favorites was this Italian place in Beverly Hills. Beverly Hills is crazy, way different from Montana. There was a lot of exotic cars and the movie stars were out.

By: Hudson Smith