Top 5 Places to Eat When Visting Portland, Oregon

Keilan Sayer

  1. GRAVY

Many people may not know about Gravy, as it’s off the beaten path of best restaurants in PDX. However, come to this breakfast place and you’ll realize why it’s so great that it’s stayed a hidden gem. Located in the Boise-Eliot district of Portland, Gravy serves both breakfast and lunch in a quaint, small little restaurant that’s nothing to write home about. The food, on the other hand, is another story.

At Gravy, you can get challah french toast the size of your head, or oatmeal that’s been bruleed to perfection. Sweet not your thing? Try the generous omelets, or the homemade biscuits slathered in gravy (hence the fitting name). They don’t take reservations, so be prepared for a wait. Its worth it.


Feeling something sweet? Head to Salt & Straw, Portland’s favorite ice cream shop. With multiple locations down the West Coast, Salt & Straw has made a household name of itself in Portland due to it’s delicious, creative flavours. Flavors range from wonderful, like Strawberry Tres Leches, to wacky, like bagel flavored ice cream. Whatever the flavor, this ice cream keeps people coming back for more. There is almost always a line. Want to skip the wait? Grab a pint from the freezer and head straight for the register. Less waiting, more ice cream eating.


If you want to get a sandwich in Portland, don’t try and go anywhere but Lardo’s. Named after a type of meat cured with rosemary and other spices, Lardo’s sandwiches like its Petey Pablo Burger are piled high with tender, delicious meat. Not enough meat? Try their hand-cut fries, cooked in bacon fat and coated in herbs and parmesan. If that doesn’t make you hungry, I don’t know what will.


Bamboo Sushi, located in the Northwest district, not only provides amazing sushi but does so with the mindset of using sustainable, environmentally-friendly practices. Bamboo Sushi is the only certified sustainable sushi restaurant. However, this sushi is not for the picky eater. With rolls like the Kimono, a sushi roll with crab, apple, and cucumber, diners will have to come with a healthy appetite and an open mind. Feeling adventerous? Try the chef’s flight, where you give the chef freedom to surprise you with what he feels for the night.


Pok Pok is known for one thing only: wings. What makes these wings so good? These wings have Thai flare to them, coated in ingredients like fish sauce to give them that extra little kick. I know, seems silly to go out of your way for wings you might get anywhere. Trust me, these wings will blow those out of the water. Juicy, crispy, full of flavor, and spiced with just the right amount of heat, these are wings you’re going to want to try.