Top 7 Unique Gyms in Western Montana

The Gym

My name is Josh, and I am currently working on a project called Humans of the Gym, which you can checkout on Facebook HERE (well worth checking out). My Philosophy is that the gym should be a place where everyone who enters feels comfortable, welcome, and part of an incredible community. The gyms mentioned exemplify this quite well. Each also offers its own unique approach to advocating health and activity.

*The list is in no particular order, each title is a link to the respective Facebook Page.

MUST (Missoula Underground Strength Training Center) creates a more intensive, results orientated environment. Their gym layout is incredibly unique, and is something worth checking out. The community environment of positivity is also something you MUST (pun intended) experience.

The combination of Yoga and Martial arts provided by Straight Blast Gym of Montana is something not many gyms are doing. Never done yoga or martial arts? No worries, as they offer beginner classes for all ages!

Ever wanted to just hit something? Title boxing club can help. They offer classes that will help empower anyone who participates. As always, the first punch is free. (They let you take the first class free.)

Freestone offers a great bouldering experience. They have built a community of people who have fun, stay fit, and plan outdoor trips together! Interested in bouldering and live in or around Missoula? Go check out Freestone. Seriously.

A very unique gym that offers an incredible climbing experience. Climbing is becoming increasingly popular, while also being an exciting and exhilarating way to exercise! I have only heard high praises from a few friends who have attended this climbing gym!

Monkey bars as a kid were awesome. Monkey bars as your workout? More awesome. The Monkey Bar Gymnasium offers an incredibly unique approach to exercise, with their focus on gymnastic equipment and body weight movements. Tired of the typical gym setting? Check this place out.

A more typical gym that is fully equipped for almost any method of exercise imaginable. They provide an atmosphere that is dedicated towards self improvement. Well worth a look if your goal is to improve yourself physically.

  • BONUS – Can you spot the gym that is not from Montana? Comment with your guess.

Also, anywhere in the outdoors of this beautiful State can be used as a gym!

The nice folks at Runners Edge in Missoula have created an incredible atmosphere dedicated to helping people use the great outdoors of Montana as their gym.


Again, I would love it if you checked out Humans of the Gym on Facebook!