Where did humanity come from?

blog mHumanity; the flash of our existence is faced with it seems an unlimited amount of mystery of what we are, what our purpose is, how we all got here, and why?  Conscious creatures wandering around conjuring up guidelines by which our society is supposed to live by. Trying to figure out where we all fit in this universe.


Billions on trillions of stars with planets orbiting them just like our system, but earth is the only place with life. Everything lines up exactly perfect for life to exist here. Distance from the sun, water to survive, oxygen to breath, the food chain, our hearts beating to function. Now how did all of this appear on this one single planet among the entire universe? Through the infinite of space one would think another planet could possess the requirements for life to exist. But still stands the question of where did humanity come from? Planted here by another extraterrestrial species to see how we would evolve as an experiment? A higher power people call God created us to feel earth’s pleasures? An explosion that happened to lead to the perfect sequence that produced life for millions of species? There seems to be more questions than answers.

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Blog hPeople have tried to answer these questions giving mildly reasonable explanations. Scientists show their theories of how the earth was made and how lifeforms started to progress and evolve through time. Believers praise a lord with how he gave us life and bounties. Other think aliens build the foundations for our early life forms. Extraterrestrials left hieroglyphics, monuments such as the pyramids and Stonehenge that align with astronomical events that seemed impossible with the technology of their time. All viable possibilities as to where we came from yet none have a for sure answer.

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An equally perplexing question is why? For all other creatures their end goal is survival and reproduction while along the way enjoying the earth they live. So what is the point to humanity’s existence? Maybe it was supposed to be end happiness doing what we please among this great earth.  Hopefully somebody one day will have all the answers. All in all what a beautiful chaos of questions we live in.

By: Matthew Gillespie