Why we need Bigfoot

On October 14th, 1947 Chuck Ellwood Yeager brought us one giant step closer to the betterment of mankind by flying a Bell X-1 model rocket powered aircraft through the sound barrier. Sick. One step closer to beating those damn Russians to the moon right? Yes, but no. What Chuck really proved to us was that there are things around us, walls that we can’t see that fill the space inside our atmosphere. That aircraft hit an invisible wall so hard that we heard the moment of discovering a new parameter of possibilities.

Now try this, think about your own concept of Bigfoot. Big, hairy, size 28 men’s shoe, maybe dumb? The FACT is, nobody knows anything about him. Toss your bias away and consider Bigfoot is real and smart enough to understand this sound barrier. Now think about a light barrier. Bigfoot knows about that one too and manipulates it to stay out of our eyes. With as little as we know about the world we live in, isn’t it safe to assume we don’t know even a small fraction of all the available knowledge out there? Bigfoot could be the martyr of the woodland and snow-packed mountains, keeping a watchful eye on humanity, revealing himself from the outer barriers of light and sound in times of disbelief in what is possible.

Humble and noble. The Dark Knight of the wilderness, never rewarded for his good deeds. Never understanding his role in our society, for he is the poster model for defying the impossible, for teaching us the true meaning of being open to the endless possibilities this life has yet to show us.

In a time of discovery, our species has found value in the concept of speed. The amount of time it takes to get from A to B. Speed is what limits our reach to the stars. NASA discovers planet made of golden retriever puppies…. 200000 light years away. Turn off your light. Turn it on again. That quick blink of time you just experienced is how fast we would need to be going for 200000 years to get to puppy planet. Yeager broke the speed of sound and sent us to the moon. Bigfoot broke the speed of light and will take us to the heavens. But why won’t you help us now Bigfoot? Are we not ready? Is this a test? Find Bigfoot, find the key to space and time travel?

That may have lost some of you. Yes Bigfoot has super powers. His powers allow him to sneak past the sound and light barriers to get from from A to B at any moment behind our ever watchful eyes. Think to yourself, what would you do with these Bigfoot powers? Your perception of speed is now limitless. Reality freezes around you. You can do anything you want. Do you fight evil in the world? Maybe destroy ISIS? Save Somalian refugees from gorilla mercenaries? End world hunger? What would a god do? A higher power with all control and you can’t decide what to do. This is why he remains elusive. It’s hard to believe in a god when they are so unapparent in times of need and disbelief. Makes it hard to believe in Bigfoot.

This is Bigfoot’s message to us. We are not ready to leave this world until we can fully grasp that nothing is impossible. You can become the next Nike CEO out of Missoula. You can marry that girl/guy/dog/tree. You can make it through the week. The day. We know our current limitations, but those limitations will change tomorrow. Limitations are there to show us what we need to defy.

Is it so crazy to believe in Bigfoot? We’ve believed in weirder. Much weirder. But we believe because those ideas are what give us hope when we need it most. The kind of hope I’ve needed before. Bigfoot will emerge when we can show we value his legend. That value is the importance in having something to believe in. Never limit your possibilities.


Joe Clough

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  1. First off changing the title was a good idea! It helped clarify things while reading your post. I did get a little lost, and it would have been nice if there was a flow for everything. I like the deeper message that your post has and I think was good but with minor tweaks it could have been even more awesome! Thanks for sharing and it was great to see your opinion on these topics.

  2. Great post! I really liked the style of writing and the way you tied everything together at the very end. The deeper meaning really gave this piece a more powerful tone, which was really cool. I feel like the two first paragraphs could have been a little more clear in establishing the point or theme of the post, but other than that great job!

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