You Know You’re from Eastern Montana When. .

You Know You’re From Eastern Montana When. . .

“ Montana, Montana glory of the west of all the state’s from coast to coast you’re easily the best.” East side, west side– the 406 is a great place to grow up. Here are a few signs that you grew up in Eastern Montana.

kkkkThe scenery in Eastern Montana might not be the first thing people think of, but hey, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

The nearest Walmart or sign of a big box store was a couple hours away, therefore careful planning when shopping was essential. We make great roadtrippers, because we are so used to it.


Your Rival High School was in a town more than a hour away.

Forming a car parade to go to on a road trip for the “big game” was an annual highlight. Plus it was always a good way to scout out all of the out of town cuties.


Your local Dairy Queen closed for the winter.

Forget Groundhogs Day, you always knew spring was around the corner when the Dairy Queen opened again for spring!


An Extension cord is your car’s best friend during winter.

This goes for all Montanans but considering how close we are to Canada, plugging in your car at night is necessary for winter survival.


Stars, and sunsets, and sunrises- OH MY!

I’d like to think that Eastern Montana skies are a reason that Montana coined the term “Big Sky Country.” The perk of seeing prairie landscape over mountains is that you can see for miles. Eastern Montana is a great place to stargaze and watch some beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

111eastern montana sky

You get offended when people think you’re from North Dakota.

Don’t get us wrong we respect our neighboring state, but we are different and not to be confused.


This post was written by UM senior Emily Etchart.  She was raised on the Hi-Line, as you can see. 

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  1. We actually referred to ourselves as being from West Dakota because we were so far away from the rest of Montana!

  2. In college in MN, I told someone I was from MT, to which she replied, ” Oh, it’s so beautiful, except that ugly part by ND.”?

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